This Working Mom’s Three Best Friends


It would be the understatement of the year to say that my family’s life is a little crazy right now. I’m working full time and my husband is staying with my kids and finishing up school (graduation in one month- hooray!).

My M.O. lately has been to do what I can to make my life go more smoothly so I can spend lots of good, quality time with my family. I certainly don’t have everything figured out (and probably never will), but here’s a quick list of some things that help simplify and enrich my crazy life.

Say hello to my little friends.



Until this year, I thought that the moms who claimed that exercising gave them extra energy were drinking some kind of crazy juice. But then my friend invited me to her bootcamp, and I haven’t looked back. I’ve tried working out a few different times of day, and I’ve figured out really early in the morning works best for me. It sucks getting up when it’s still dark, but my days go SO much more smoothly when I start them the right way. I feel healthier, stronger, and proud of myself for setting a good example of fitness to my kids.


True story, I hate doing my hair. I have long, wavy-ish hair that takes a really long time to style. But I also feel 200% better when I have decent-looking hair. Solution? Dry shampoo. I only have to wash my hair every two or three days- all it takes to freshen up the look is about 3 minutes to spray in the dry shampoo and run a straightener through it. And I totally recommend the cheap stuff from Target. It’s magic in a can, ladies.



Every day around 1:30, I get the munchies. Like CRAZY munchies. I’ve learned to bring lots of little snacks during the day so I don’t have a blood sugar crash and run like the wind toward the vending machine. One of my favorite snacks is the mason jar salad that’s floating around Pinterest. When I’m thinking ahead enough, I’ll make a bunch of them on the weekend so I can grab them for my lunch. My favorite is beans, quinoa, sliced mini peppers from Costco, and baby spinach. You can put the dressing in the bottom of the jar and store it all week, but I prefer to just bring a little container of dressing. Anything to make healthy lunch packing a little easier!

I’m always looking for new ideas to make my day go more smoothly so I can spend some good quality time with my family. Anyone else have any strategies for making your days any more healthy or efficient?





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