The Zoom Ball Hydro: Product Review


Who doesn’t like a little fun competition during the hottest season of the year? Did I
mention water is involved? There is nothing more exciting than competing to splash
your family and friends with water. My nieces, husband, and I recently had the pleasure
of experiencing the Zoom Ball Hydro! This is a two-player game. You place a few water
balloons inside the Zoom Ball Hydro and get ready to compete and have some water

The game includes two sets of handles attached to a cord that contains a plastic
container where you can place the water balloons. One player holds on to one set of
handles, while the other player holds on to the other. Both players should stand at least
11 feet apart. The players start out with their arms closed and have to force them to
open quickly in order to send the Zoom Ball over to the other person! Players have to be
ready to send the Zoom Ball back as fast as possible because they never know when
the balloons will pop and soak them in water (a big water surprise!)

Zoom Hydro is recommended for ages 8 and up; however, adults can totally play too!
Who said mamas cant have fun? I competed with my nieces, and the winner (me of
course) competed with my husband. Can you guess who won? Such a fun game for
children and adults! We loved how fast the ball zips. There are several different ways to
play with the Zoom Hydro Ball. My nieces played by points: if you hit the handles of your
opponent you earn a point. But you can also just simply play catch with it (with no
competition). It kept us busy for a good 2 hours before we got super hungry from
“working out” our arms. It definitely kept us moving and on our toes.

The box comes with the Zoom Ball Hydro and 10 water balloons. It is super easy to set
up. The best part, you can start playing within minutes of opening the box!

If you are looking for something to play with the kids in the backyard, beach, a picnic,
BBQ, or family outing, this is it! I loved that the Zoom Ball Hydro kept us active and most
importantly, outdoors! Both children and adults will love it!

Thanks to Zoom Ball Hydro for providing this fun game for review!


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