The Top 10 Worst Art Projects of All Time… And He’s Only 5


I am the first to admit, I am no artist. I think I am the “creative” type because I love to write. I also love to combine colors and learn new techniques to create jewelry for Hazel and May, and I think I can Pinterest-craft with the best of them. (Although my husband would say that’s a bit of a stretch… and he’s probably right.)

Still, I was never able to draw or paint anything. Ever. Even when I was in grade school and the bar wasn’t very high, I would still trudge to art class knowing my creations would never make it onto the wall. My husband however is the complete opposite. He can pretty much draw or paint anything and it turns out gallery ready. He has a great eye for photography, and he plays the piano by ear. He’s definitely the true “artistic” type.

So with those two very different personalities, we’ve been anxiously awaiting to see which direction our little guy would go.

Well it’s been five years and the verdict is in. Our boy definitely got my genes.

Photo Credit: Dream Photography Studio

So with that in mind, here are my son’s “Top 10 Worst Art Projects of All Time.” (I could have easily had more, but I figured 10 would do.)

#10 The Messy Coloring Page

These come home weekly… daily even. I don’t know what it is about my son, but he just doesn’t see those big black lines in the picture. Coloring in the lines is just not his thing.


#9 Self Portrait

He brought this home the first week of preschool. Don’t you just love the black beard and the blue chest hair. It looks exactly like him.


#8 Valentine’s Day Project

I think this is one of those projects where you use paint on your child’s hands or feet and then press them to paper to create an image. I’m just really not sure which body part was used here to make whatever this is.


#7 Paint Projects

When I pull one of these colorful numbers out of his school bag, it’s usually my cue to reach for the Oxi-Clean.


#6 The Gingerbread Man

More like a Gingerbread Zombie. Who is going to eat who?


#5 Miscellaneous pieces of paper in a baggie

Okay buddy, I’ll give this one to you. The baggie does say “Cutting Practice.”



#4 ???

I think this was cutting practice too.


#3 Home Art Projects

I know that many of you moms have been here. All of sudden your child decides they want to use glue and scissors. They don’t even want paper, but that’s when you pist they have to use some kind of paper. Then, five minutes later, you have this. At least that bought you some time to load the dishwasher.


#2 Teacup Planter

This delicate “vintage” china cup and plate was glued together by his teacher so that he could decorate it for me for Mother’s Day as a flower planter. See the delicate pearl strands adorning the cup’s handle… at just the right angle. And I love the blue lace trim touch. You can see he has a great eye for color. The worst part of all… I actually helped him with this one.


#1 Jeweled Frame

Here’s another one of my Mother’s Day gifts. Instead of just decorating the outside of the frame with colorful jewels like all of the other kids, my son strategically placed a couple of these beauties right in the center. I can’t wait to ask Stacey of Dream Photography Studio during our session this fall to shoot us in just the right pose for this picture frame. Got it Stacey?


So there they are… my son’s “Top 10 Worst Art Projects of All Time.” Really, in all honesty, these projects are my very favorites. They represent an imaginative little boy who’s unique take on life continues to inspire me everyday.

Dream Photography Studio

A special thank you to the teachers at Work of Heart Learning Center. If not for their creativity and patience, my little guy may not have even gotten this far in the art department.

Feel free to share your favorite art projects with us on Instagram using hashtag #nphxmoms, we would love to see your favorite (and the worst).

Portrait Photography by: Dream Photography Studio

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  1. I have to admit many of my son’s artistic masterpieces look similar to Miles. Thanks for the laugh Emily. I definitely agree with Eileen – the picture frame is great.

  2. I love this! I’ve seen some epic art fails during my time as a preschool teacher. Not every child is an artist! But boy do they put their hearts in it!


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