The Nursery Chair That is Full of Love


One of the most exciting things in preparing for my babies was getting their nurseries ready for their sweet arrival. When I was pregnant with our first child my husband and I were clueless regarding what we were going to need to fill the space that used to be a guest room . Gone were the spare bed and desks we sat at to do work in, and in came the overwhelming ideas from Pinterest, shopping trips to Target, and emails from buybuy Baby. How could a tiny human need so many things?! My mom to the rescue! She lovingly offered to get our nursery furniture and we excitedly agreed. This shopping trip was going to cross many things off the “need to buy” list and my first-time mom anxiety level dropped significantly!

Knowing that our crib and dressers would be gifted to us, we started our online browsing and there was one thing my husband David and I could not agree on…a nursery chair. This wasn’t a disagreement on style or color. No, this was a battle on if we even needed one in the room. Pinterest said I did. Any photo of a nursery I had ever seen told me I did. David, however, didn’t find these valid reasons to buy something that seemingly cost an arm and a leg. The amount of options in the feeding section of buybuy Baby literally brought me to tears; I could only imagine spending $500+ on a nursery chair that would inevitably be covered in spit up … this induced the same reaction in David.

Shopping day finally came and the out of control pregnancy hormones, the exhaustion, and the sheer terror of what I was getting into was the perfect storm for either falling madly in love with something or wanting to set the entire store on fire. As I was trying to hold it together while choosing something “just right” for our baby girl, I saw the perfect nursery chair. I sat in the perfect chair. My sore, pregnant back and swollen feet simultaneously rejoiced as they felt instant comfort and when I realized this glorious chair came in whatever color I wanted, I made am immediate executive decision to buy the  nursery chair!  Whatever, I had a coupon. #winning

Nursery Chair North Phoenix Moms BlogFast Forward Two Years…
Our family has grown as we’ve welcomed our second child and my love for this nursery chair is still as strong as ever. In fact, as our youngest finally started sleeping in his room, we did a switch and I made David help me move the “magic chair” into our son’s room so that I could be comfortable during those middle of the night feedings and cuddle sessions. The not-so-comfortable chair we got for the baby’s room originally is now in his big sister’s room where it is useful, but no longer necessary. I started thinking the other night while I was rocking my sweet boy about how comfortable special this chair was to me and all the things it’s been through; I mean, it’s pretty much been the fly on the wall when it came to trying to figure out parenting:

  • It witnessed the intense struggles in learning to breastfeed my daughter and it caught my tears as I sobbed over her, trying to figure out how to make things right.
  • It was home base for nursing once we finally figured out what we were doing; my daughter never nursed for less than 45 minutes, so a comfortable sitting arrangement was a must.
  • It was a place to snuggle and shower our baby with love.
  • It was the first place I took a nap with my sweet baby girl.
  • It was a bed for us while our daughter was sick and needed mom and dad close by.
  • It was a place to sit and cry when I felt like a crappy mom.
  • It was the backdrop to my daughter’s monthly photos, documenting how quickly things change, and reminding me that if I blink, I might miss it.
  • It was a piece of playground equipment as my daughter worked on her gross motor skills and learned how to sit up, then pull to stand, and eventually even climb.
  • It was an audience member to a fair share of “we don’t know what we’re doing” parenting arguments.
  • It was a spit up catcher.
  • It is a reading place, where my daughter could be read to all day long.
  • It is a place of sibling love, where my daughter asks to hold my son (even if she decides he’s too heavy 3 seconds later).
  • It is a place of reflection, where I hold my children in the quiet darkness and think of all the love-filled moments I’ve had with them sitting in the same exact spot.
  • It is the chair that I learned how to be a mom in.

Nursery Chair North Phoenix Moms BlogI know it all seems silly, it’s just a chair after all. But from tears and laughter to spit up and pee, even to spilled coffee by an all-too-tired momma, this chair has been through just about everything. I’ll never forget Dave sitting in it during a long cry session and then saying “I get it now.” So, mommas, just get the nursery chair. Find something comfortable that you sink into and never want to get out of because if it’s that comfortable alone, just imagine how amazing it will be when you’re snuggling your sweet little one in it. I promise, it’ll become a chair of memories for you as well.

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Courtney is a wife to her college sweetheart, momma to a toddler girl and baby boy, and keeper of 2 dogs. She has her Masters degree in Elementary Education but decided once her first child was here that staying home instead of teaching was the best decision for her family. Having moved to southern Arizona from Massachusetts at a young age, she pretty much considers herself an Arizona native and loves getting out, seeing the beautiful desert sights, and being active whenever possible. She and her hubby are Sun Devil fans through and through and have a dream to retire and drive an RV around the country following their football team. When she’s not drinking coffee or taking care of her kiddos, you can find her scrapbooking, working on a DIY craft for the house, or organizing. For more posts by Courtney, head on over to her personal blog Glitter & Goldfish.



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