The Importance of Swim Lessons For Your Children


This post was sponsored.  I received swim lessons for my child, though all opinions and comments are my own.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but in reality, I think the importance of what is seen in this picture needs far more than 1,000 words.  This picture shows one of my sons learning how to swim. And that is a skill that should be taken very seriously and given the attention it deserves because accidents around water are simply too prevalent in Arizona.

Learning to Swim North Phoenix Moms Blog

We were fortunate enough to have lessons with Sunsational Swim instructor Crystal and despite the crying, screaming and flailing from my kids, particularly the toddlers, she stayed calm, confident and committed to teaching them essential safety skills in the water.  Crystal’s background of being a registered nurse has led her to witness too many unfortunate outcomes from water-related accidents. So much so that she devotes the entire summer to teaching swim lessons from sunrise to sunset.

Swimming Lessons and Learning to Swim North Phoenix Moms Blog

If you’re like me, you are very aware of the importance of swim lessons. You more than likely had your first child in swim lessons at an early age. But then the second and third come along. You are still committed to getting your children the education they need for swimming, but life becomes even more hectic.  Getting in the pool with one (or more) kids becomes increasingly more difficult.  So, perhaps you’ve put off starting your younger kids in swimming lessons.

Well let me stop you there, because that’s where Sunsational Swim comes in. The instructor will:

  • Come to you! Allowing you to concentrate on the children not working with the instructor.
  • Focus on one child at a time. Meaning even more repetition and practice than group lessons.
  • Be committed to progress. Sunsational Swim even GUARANTEES safety swim techniques will be learned within 12 lessons.

Do yourself and your child a favor, contact Sunsational Swim today!



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