The Dos and Don’ts of Spring Cleaning: Just Don’t


So, you came here looking for the Dos and Don’ts of spring cleaning! Well, I will make this quick and easy. First Do is to Don’t! I mean seriously, who said this is what we should spend this season doing? We just spent all winter hibernating. Well, not really here in Arizona. Winter in Arizona is the time when we have all of our festivals and outdoor event before we hibernate for the summer. No way am I spending that time cleaning. If you are the many people who decide to wait until spring to do a deep clean, discard old clothes, throw out toys, clean the garage, play with the spiders in the attic, I might have some tips for you.

My Dos and Don’ts of Spring Cleaning

Do– There is still time to turn back now!

Don’t– Just stop. Don’t do it!

Okay. Okay.

Do – Tackle one room at a time. It’s easier and less stressful if you break it down into different days.

Don’t– Skip breaks. You think you maybe getting more done, but if you are tired, hungry or dehydrated, the odds are you will burn out and quit.

Do– Find a sitter or someone to watch the little kids. Are you really going to be able to clean as efficiently as I know you want to with babies and toddlers around?

Don’t– Let the older kids off the hook. They have a room full of junk that they can definitely sort through.

Do– If you can’t find someone to watch the littles, I saw this cool dust cloth onesie that will be perfect for babies. You could play a game with the toddlers to race around the house on their back. You know, to clean the floors.

Don’t– This will not work on carpets so I don’t recommend it if that is what you have.

Do– Pack up all the things you are giving away, put it in your car, and immediately go drop it off.

Don’t – Buy new storage bens. Your old ones are still in your car from the last time.

Do– Open the windows as you clean. The fresh air is refreshing.

Don’t– Open the doors, the kids and dog/cat may run out. Now you are stuck chasing them around instead of cleaning.

Do– Actually throw things away.

Don’t– Just move them around to a new location to be forgotten until next time.

Do– Donate to your local food banks, homeless shelters, churches, friends or other organizations that provide for those in need.

Don’t– You know you can really just skip it this year! Right!

Do– Organize whatever you may have left over at this point. Since we got rid of EVERYTHING.

Don’t– Buy new stuff! Just don’t do it. You don’t need it. It will just end up in next year’s donation pile. I promise you.

I think there are some helpful tips up there, if you decide to tackle this spring cleaning thing. What do you need to get rid of this year? Share your list. Maybe someone needs what you don’t and vice-versa.


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