The Day I Decided to Let My Daughter Be Comfortable In Her Skin


Originally posted on Rachel’s family blog

The not so perfect preschool fashions brought to you by my daughter!!! I don’t ever want to forget these moments. But I have to admit that many times I wanted my girl to look picture perfect. I used to have her hair done and outfit perfect before I was off to work…ESPECIALLY on days she was going to school. You know because if her hair was styled and she was dressed really cute that meant that I was a top notch mother. Because why would any decent parent send their kids to school looking like the picture below (please note that I had actually put an outfit together that was perfect but she went ahead and modified it and daddy let her.)

North Phoenix Moms Blog - The Day I Let My Daughter Be Comfortable In Her Own Skin
Daddy said, “I am fueling her creative spirit!! Don’t judge.”

I’m thankful for a hubby that did just that…what a humbling moment/statement. Because I was kind of judging and that really did get me thinking.

I mean how could you not love these types of outfits?!

I love that she proud of herself when she picks an outfit on her own. She will stop and and say, “Mommy take a picture of me!”

It’s just too easy to compare to perfectly styled kiddos on Instagram/Facebook/Pinterest (looking better than their own parents and having better closets too) and think how come my kids don’t look like that?!

Then I stopped and thought (with a little nudge from my hubby) is that what’s really important…how my daughter LOOKS?!

No not at all.

I truly believe comparison is the thief of joy so I try more now to ask her how she wants her hair (Queen Elsa braid all day every day) or what she wants to wear (dresses, skirts and fancy shoes ALWAYS.) I still have to reel her in sometimes, because she can’t wear costumes and party dresses every day, but I love that she is more involved.

We are teaching our daughters about the values they should have and the women they will be one day. I hope mine will be comfortable in her own skin and know it’s not about the clothes we wear but who we are that mean the most in life.




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