The Best Party Location to Celebrate a Summer Birthday


This post was written and sponsored by our partners at The Children’s Museum of Phoenix.

Having a child with a summer birthday can be a bit daunting for us Arizona moms. I have twin girls with a mid May birthday and was always a bit envious of those parents who had kids with winter or spring birthdays when the weather is nice enough to host a party outside. But with summer babies, the park was never really an option for us. And, we didn’t have a pool at our house, so while we could have hosted parties inside, that never seemed like the best (or most fun thing) to do.  I once had a group of 11 year old girls in my house for a slumber party, and I vowed I’d never do it again!  Plus, with any hosted party, there’s endless prep work before, and cleanup afterwards.  So, we tried other things: movies, bowling, laser tag and a trampoline park. But, by far the best party experience we had, with minimal stress for me, was when we had it at the Children’s Museum of Phoenix.

Birthdays-at-the-MuseumYP_YP4_5370Here’s why:

You get either one hour or an hour and a half (depending on the party option you choose) in your own private party room.  Now, this isn’t one of those normal rooms you see at the other places you’ve been before. This is a big, sunlight filled room with hard wood floors in a historic building that used to be an elementary school.  And, to top it off, it’s super clean!

You get your own Party Pal!  Someone will be there to entertain the kids with games and will facilitate hands on projects that you can order based on the party package you choose. The museum values hands-on opportunities for children to learn through play, so naturally, the birthday parties incorporate this too.

Probably the best feature of all is that you are not pushed out of the museum after your party ends.  Rather, they let you play for as long as you want when the party is over.  Can we say happy parents, and happy kids?!  


We celebrated my daughters’ seventh birthdays at the Children’s Museum, and they still fondly remember that party.  They are fourteen years old now. We have even discussed having their Sweet 16 birthday Party there. Because at this particular museum, you never really outgrow playing and having fun!

So check out the Children’s Museum of Phoenix as a birthday party option next time you’re planning a special celebration for your little one. You, your child(ren) and the party guests will be glad you did!

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Kate was born and raised in Prescott, Arizona. She became a new mom in March 2015, when her son Walker was born, and is loving every minute of motherhood. She is an early childhood educator, with a bachelor’s in early childhood and a master’s in educational leadership. She spent five years teaching pre-kindergarten and kindergarten in the Phoenix area. In addition, Kate is the owner of Peas in a Pod Nanny Agency, which she opened in 2011. Although originally from Arizona, Kate also lived in the glorious cities of San Francisco and Chicago (where she met her husband). She spends her free time exploring new restaurants, taking trips when time allows, and soaking up time with her family.


  1. Would you recommend the museum for twins first birthday? Their birthday is mid August and we have a lot of family & friends that want to help celebrate and finding an indoor place suitable for a lot of people is daunting!


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