Teacher Gifts They Will Love


There are many times throughout a school year that you and your child will want to show your teachers some appreciation in the form of a gift. There is even Teacher Appreciation Week coming soon, from May 2nd through May 6th. These tokens of recognition do brighten a teacher’s day and are greatly appreciated. Oftentimes the school will ask teacher’s favorites and keep a list located in the front office but I am going to suggest some overall teacher gifts that are generally a big hit.

  • A kind note or card- Honestly, just getting a kind note from a student or parent is a great gift. Being noticed for hard work and caring through a handwritten note or card will put a big smile on their face.
  • Gift cards- This one probably seems obvious but there is more to it than that. When choosing a gift card try to pick something that he or she will use. Not everyone drinks coffee, gets scented hand soap or eats fast food. If you can, aim for something specific you think they might like.
  • Sports or hobby specific gifts- Is the teacher a major sports fan? Do they love something in particular? Dogs? Art? Even grabbing something as small as a themed pencil, bookmark, sticker, etc will be a big hit!
  • Food- Candy and sweets seem to be a go to, especially around the holidays. However, teachers are given an abundance of treats that border on unhealthy. Try giving healthier snacks or drinks that they can stock up in their classroom for a rainy day.

Regardless of what teacher gifts you choose, just know your thoughtfulness is greatly appreciated. 


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