A Complete Guide to Summer Survival in Phoenix


This will be my 13th summer living in Phoenix and my 2nd summer in the Valley of the Sun with kids. Although it’s never easy, we always find a way to survive and make it to fall. Today I’m sharing a few of my tips for surviving the summer and keeping the kiddos safe.

Summer Survival Phoenix

Stay Indoors: Unfortunately, you can’t just hibernate for three months (I wish I could!). It is important to avoid going out during the hottest part of the day, 12pm-4pm. In my house that is nap/ quiet time so we sleep or watch movies.

Find Places That Have Air Conditioning or Water: Some of our favorite places/ activities include The Children’s Museum, the OdySea Aquarium, watching a Diamondbacks game, strolling the mall, visiting splash pads, walking through model homes and going to water parks/ community pools.

Make a Summer Car Bag: I always keep a “bag of extras” in my trunk, but my summer bag gets a few additions: sunscreen, diapers, wipes, swim diapers, a swimsuit, shirt, sun hat, and towel. You never know when you’re going to end up outside or at a place with water so it’s good to be prepared. When it’s 110 degrees and the kids are asking to run through the sprinklers you don’t want to be the parent who says ‘no.’

Keep Your Car Cool: Hot cars are the worst for kids, especially if your kids are still rear facing. My awesome grandmother made both my kids car seat coolers.  There are so many great options, including this easy and affordable DIY car seat cooler or a Cool Carats car seat cooler if you aren’t the DIY type. It’s also important to block the sun with a sunshade, tint your windows, or both. You can also give your child a little water bottle fan combo to cool themselves, and/or get a Noggle

Stay Hydrated: Always have water for you and the kids. Dehydration is serious and can be life life-threatening. I have a 40 ounce reusable water bottle I always have with me. It makes it much easier to keep my toddler’s sippy cup full. 

Sun Protection: Never leave the house without sunscreen! If using a new sunscreen make sure to test it on a small section of your child’s skin and watch it for 48 hours for a reaction. Different sunscreens have different application instructions so make sure you follow them closely. Using hats and sun shirts are always great ways to protect the little ones while swimming or out and about.

Stay cool and safe this summer!  Any tips you want to share?  


  1. Great tips! We’re likely moving to Phoenix from San Diego this summer and I’ve been wondering about this exact topic!


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