Summer Skin Care


Summertime skin makes me think of sweat, sunscreen, and that tight dryness from our hot sun. It can be easy to let skin care go on the back burner, I am guilty of this, and I am a licensed esthetician!

Being in the skincare industry I’ve learned a few tips to make your skin survive these Arizona summers (and maybe just some everyday quick tips, since us moms need quick and easy!) beyond the wash, exfoliate, moisturize that we usually hear of!

  • To avoid that “cakey” feeling on your face that often comes with layering makeup over sunscreen over moisturizer, simply mix your minerals with your moisturizer. Most minerals have a natural SPF and this will make it go on smoothly, and even give a slight dewey look that I personally love!
  • Always  wear waterproof mascara! I have learned this the hard way since it is so hot here in the valley that our eyelids sweat! Plus it is convenient  when using the pool and swimming.
  • Sunglasses are a must. Especially with UV protection. The eye area is also the first place to show signs of aging, so UV protective sunglasses will hep with this. I also never realized that sunglasses are a good way to hide the fact that you’ve skipped eye makeup for the day until I became a mom. I am so guilty of this!
  • Hats! Hats are perfect right now to shade your face from the sun. It also helps protect your scalp from being burned, which mine always does. I now wear a fedora in the pool and also use hats to cover up dirty hair! They are so cheap right now too with lots of summer clearance going on!
  • I am not someone who buys darker makeup thinking I am going to be tan. I try not to tan because it is not healthy, and I have a history of skin cancer in my family. I now just use bronzer in the summertime to create a “tan”, by brushing it lightly over my forehead and t-zone.
I hope some of you moms find this useful! I am such a believer that if you keep things easy, you will be more consistent with your skin care. Feel free to ask any questions! Also, never forget SPF in Arizona, the sun here is brutal!





  1. Shannon,
    Do you know of any natural (or with less chemicals/additives than normal) moisturizers? I’m on the hunt, but I seem to be picky when it comes to finding a lightweight moisturizer for my sensitive skin. Thanks.

  2. I hear a lot of great things about coconut oil, but have yet to try it. I am sure using it straight on your skin you would only need a very small amount, and probably only need it at night. If you are interested in an awesome skin care line, Eminence Organics is great, especially their Stone Crop products. I also really like Aveda. It’s more affordable and still very simple as far as ingredients go.

  3. I love coconut oil! There are tons of different healthy uses for it! I try to remember to eat a teaspoon per day and have also heard it’s great for your skin and hair! Any suggestions for baby skincare in the sun? I have heard California Baby is great, but it is $18 for a tiny bottle. My husband is all about buying the cheapest brands…me, not so much, but I cannot convince him on this one. Do you know of anything reasonably priced that I can use to protect my little one? I have heard that Coppertone and many of the other ‘big’ brands have too many ingredients and chemicals in them.


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