Summer Self Care


Summer can be a challenging time for moms. While we’re excited to have a break from the routine and demands of school, summer means the usual routines are disrupted. This can increase the demands on mom’s time and energy significantly. Balancing work, household responsibilities, and keeping children entertained can lead to stress and burnout. As you are building out those summer schedules, don’t forget to plan your own self care. Yes, it can be efficient to squeeze in one more ‘thing’ while the kids are out of the house or engaged in an activity, but planning a few minutes for yourself to recharge each day can make summer more enjoyable for everyone.

Simple Self Care:

Self-care can be pampering, but a few minutes each day can do wonders. It can be helpful to make a list of some of your favorite ways to pause so you’re not trying to think of what to do when you are already overstimulated. You can curate a list of videos on YouTube to easily select a guided meditation, a mindful breathing exercise, a favorite dance music, or even a relaxing yoga nidra. 

Social Self Care: 

Stay connected with other moms for support and social time. You can organize playdates for your kids or organize playdates for yourself. Reach out to find others who like early morning walks before it gets too hot. Find a local Mom to cook with so you can chat while prepping meals. Your social battery also needs to be recharged, too.

Indulgent Self Care:

Book a night in one of the many gorgeous resorts around Phoenix. And, if a whole night away seems like too much, you can often purchase a day pass to use their amenities. Take a day and sit by a shimmering pool or enjoy the spa services. Sign up for a meal prep service for the summer to try something new. Use a service to clean your house or do your laundry to give yourself a guilt-free break. 

Summer is a time of joy and connection. By establishing routines, planning engaging activities, involving kids in daily tasks, prioritizing self-care, utilizing community resources, and being adaptable, you can manage summer stress and create a memorable and enjoyable summer for both you and your children. Share some of your favorite things to keep the stress low during the summer in the comments below.



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