Summer Camps Are Important Because…


This post was written and sponsored by our partners at the Children’s Museum of Phoenix.  We are thrilled to provide you with information about their educational programs.

Did you go to summer camps when you were young? Most of us probably did and it’s safe to say the lessons and experiences learned from summer camps extended far beyond the actual activities or projects.  Camp provides important opportunities for children to take risks, build confidence, independence, and self-esteem. They also provide a great platform for kids to practice their social skills.  Camps inherently become critical building blocks for children.

Importance of Summer Camps

The Children’s Museum of Phoenix is getting ready to launch their second summer camp season since the museum opened 8 years ago. Why did it take so long? They wanted to get it right. As is true with most things that you see at the Children’s Museum of Phoenix, their camp program has been thoughtfully planned to ensure that the museum’s rich learning environment and mission of engaging the minds, muscles and imaginations of children, was accurately translated into a camp experience.  You’ll find ample hands-on learning opportunities and plenty of free play in the museum’s three floors of exhibits at the Children’s Museums Summer Camps.

What makes their camps so unique?



They are such experts on play that museum staff are called “Playologists.” They understand that play is an integral part of childhood. Children learn best through play. It’s how they make sense of the world. And with over 300 hands-on play experiences spread throughout three floors of museum space, there’s plenty of free play to be had in a day of camp at the Children’s Museum of Phoenix.


Their themes are educational AND fun!

Each camp week has its own theme and each camp day includes structured opportunities for learning. Their summer camp themes have something of interest for everyone: For those interested in recycling, or better yet “up-cycling,” the Green Ambassadors Camp may be just right for you; if you have a child who loves history and time travel, then you should check out their Time Travelers Camp; those that are aspiring novelists should make sure to enroll in Little Authors where campers create their own stories and dioramas; and for the mini Sherlock Holmes’ out there, Summertime Sleuths camp will be just your thing!


There’s something for everyone!

On any given day campers will learn science, technology, engineering, art, and math, in fun, exciting, engaging ways.

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Summer camps at the Children’s Museum of Phoenix include a little bit of everything coupled with a whole lot of fun!

Camps geared towards 5 to 8 year olds. Find out all of the specifics here and make sure your child has some fun playing and learning this summer!


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