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Let’s not kid ourselves…summer is right around the corner, and with the temperatures already flirting with the 100 deg. range, we could be in for a long one! If you are anything like me, I tend to find more sense in stocking up on more summer staples knowing that my kiddos will be spending more time in them. With the new spring and summer kids’ clothing lines more adorable than ever, I am having a hard time not over buying this year!


I don’t know if you have heard, but Zara and H&M have kids’ lines, and let me just tell you…their clothes could not be cuter! Their spring/summer looks are full of fun with a little boho-chic mixed in. My go-to for play time favorites are Gap, Old Navy, and Target, and with their amazing prices, (especially Old Navy and Gap’s constant 40% off sales,) you can’t go wrong! You also can’t forget about those fabulous “small business” kids’ clothing lines either! Many of you have heard of, and just love, Hello Apparel … a local clothing company with the comfiest, best fitting t-shirts, with great prints and sayings. There are also some amazing choices on Etsy. I am all about supporting small businesses, so I highly recommend jumping on Etsy the next time you are looking for some fun kids gear. The Etsy seller (she is my sister and she is local too!) I am featuring below, Sweet Lucy Jack, not only offers an amazing collection of adorable kids’ clothes, head wraps & hats, & moccasins (she has pink sequined ones!!), but she is going to be one of the Giveaway and Swag Sponsors at our Bloom Event on April 30th

Here are some of my favorite Sweet Summer Staples for the kiddos…

For those “Littles” in your life…

With little ones it is all about the ease of dressing and having quick access for diaper changes, but you don’t need to sacrifice style. Sweet Lucy Jack offers the cutest prints in simple pull-on shorts with sweet onesies to match.

You also need to protect that sensitive skin during these hot months, and I don’t know about you, but I have been on the hunt for the perfect kids’ sunscreen…until now. I could not be a bigger fan of the Alba Botanica Kids Spray Sunscreen (it’s a lotion spray, so your kids don’t have to be inhaling it). It goes on with no white residue, does not run into your little one’s eyes, doesn’t stink, is 100% vegetarian, and has no parabens, phthalates, or synthetic fragrances. Better yet…it’s sold on Amazon!

On top of those layers of sunscreen you need to be applying, also look to buy your little one’s swimsuits that have built in SPF and top it all off with a cute hat to protect those sweet cheeks.


1. Target Pink & Gold Elephant Swimsuit / 2. Sweet Lucy Jack Floral Bloomer Set / 3. Zara Denim Polk-a-Dot Hat / 4. Alba Botanica Kids Sunscreen / 5. H&M Straw Hat / 6. Sweet Lucy Jack Boys Short Set / 7. Gap Pelican Swim Short

 For those “Firecrackers” (a.k.a. Toddlers) in your life…

Toddlers are the never ending energy, climbing on everything, wild as all get out, little Firecrackers. I don’t think anyone can really explain where their energy really comes from, where they learn some of the hilarious things they say, or how to tame their wild nature, but they could not be more fun! For this reason toddlers need easy to move in, easy to dress, and crazy-fun summer style staples. If your toddler is anything like mine they are also magnets to water, which leads me to buy multiple pairs of easy-on water-proof shoes…


1. Zara Embroidered Blouse / 2. Zara Denim Short / 3. Old Navy Mary-Jane Jelly Sandal / 4. Target Floral Swimsuit / 5. Target Floral Sunglasses  / 6. Target Floral Swim Cover-up / 7. Hello Apparel “I’m Not Tired” T-shirt / 8. Zara Striped Bermuda Short / 9. Gap Faux Wood Sunglasses / 10. Gap Color Block Straw Hat / 11. Old Navy Shark Swim Trunks / 12. Old Navy blue Boy Sandal

For those “Masterminds” (a.k.a. Big Kids) in your life…

For the kiddos that no longer allow their parents to really choose their clothes for them, and feel as though they know everything, style is key. They watch and observe the “older kids” and want to be wearing whatever they are. You truly have to feed into their desire to pick their own clothing, while still making sure it is parent approved… both in terms of style and price!

Fun colors and patterns are what it is all about this summer for those “Masterminds” in your life…and don’t forget the accessories!


1. Zara Girls Ribbon Hat / 2. H&M Coral Sunglasses / 3. Zara Knot Sandals / 4. Gap Pink Floral Swimsuit / 5. Zara Embroidered Top / 6. Zara Tie-up Bermuda Short / 7. Gap Aviator Sunglasses / 8. Zara Straw Hat / 9. Old Navy faux Leather Sandals / 10. H&M “Vacay Mood” Shirt / 11. Zara Braces Bermuda Shorts

Do you have any summer style favorites?  Let us know in the comments below.  Happy Shopping!!



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