STYLE: Back-To-School Bags for Moms


Have you finished your back to school shopping for your kiddos yet?  Don’t you think it’s your turn?!

I put together some ideas for a back-to-school bag for Moms!  It’s that time of year for new schedules, new activities, and new experiences…and who is planning and driving to all these? MOMS!  So don’t you think we deserve our own new bags to organize our families during these crazy times?

I love these backpacks for moms!  They are big enough that you can throw whatever you need to get you through the day…whether it be diapers and spare clothes, snacks for the kids (or you), or your own workout clothes, these will hold it all!  I feel like at this time of year I am constantly being overloaded with handout and papers to fill out at orientations, so it’s nice to have outside pockets for pens and your wallet to make it easy to get to, but lots of space inside for everything we collect throughout the day.  Is it just me or does your purse feel 5 pounds heavier by the end of the day?



Handbags are my go-to type of purse.  Again, I need space for my collections, but I still like to look at least a little put together.  I usually go for neutral colors that will go with anything I’m wearing and from season to season (because let’s face it, I’m probably not getting a new bag for a year or so).  But I do love these colorful options and I think they would add that little POP to any outfit!



Another option for those of you who don’t hoard everything in your purse are these cute wristlets.  They are big enough for all the essentials: money, credit cards, ID, phone, and a lipgloss.  I also like to use one of these with the diaper bag.  That way, I can pull out my things when I am leaving the kid(s) with someone else without having to dig through the whole thing to find my phone!



Are you thinking about what your “back-to-school bag” will look like yet?  Let me know in the comments below!


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