5 Reasons to Choose a STEM Summer Camp

This post was sponsored by iD Tech. We are excited to share their STEM summer camp offerings with you!

Today’s best STEM summer camps teach science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) in a fun and engaging way. Kids and teens can learn foundational STEM skills while meeting new friends and building self-confidence.

STEM summer camps

Trying to decide which summer camps are best for your child?

Here are some of the benefits your child can gain from a STEM summer camp:


Avoid Summer Brain Drain

Summer brain drain, the term that’s used to describe the fact that many students lose as much as two to three months of math and reading skills each summer, is real. And while certain students are more likely to suffer from brain drain than others, all kids can be impacted by the phenomenon.

STEM summer camps help combat brain drain by keeping students interested and engaged in a variety of topics. Skills like problem-solving, creativity, and if-then thinking encourage kids and teens to think through complex problems and come up with logical solutions. When parents make simple changes like incorporating STEM camps into their summer plans, kids are less likely to suffer from brain drain, and they learn many new skills and ideas.

Learn Important New Skills

Speaking of new skills, kids and teens can learn a lot from attending academic camps. In the case of technology, most K-12 schools still don’t adequately teach computer science and other related technology fields. Without the help of summer and afterschool programs, where will kids learn the important tech skills needed to give them an edge in school, college, and future careers?

STEM subjects require students to have a good grasp of foundational concepts that can make them better at many subjects, STEM or otherwise.

STEM summer camps

Prepare for Our Ever-Changing Future

Studies predict that there will be one million unfilled STEM jobs by the year 2020. By unfilled, they mean that there will be numerous job openings, but not enough qualified individuals to adequately fill them. Now that we know there is a huge occupational gap that needs to be filled, it’s time to start equipping our kids with the skills they need to thrive in our ever-changing world.

People are already talking about how robots could assume many of the roles people work in today. And with the advent of 3D printing and other emerging technologies, it’s hard to imagine what new innovations our world will think up in the next 5-10 years. Attending summer STEM camps helps ensure that your child will be interested and knowledgeable about STEM topics, which can make them more likely to pursue a STEM career in the future.

Get Inspired

Summers always seem to fly by, but they still have the power to make a lifelong impact. Everyone remembers summers spent at camp or with relatives or traveling to a different state. So while a summer STEM camp might only last a week or two, it can make a lasting impact on your child. It can help kids get excited about STEM, find a lifelong passion, discover new interests, meet inspiring mentors, and so much more. Studies show that kids who are interested in STEM from an early age are more likely to pursue these subjects later in life.

STEM summer camps

iD Tech Delivers the Ultimate Summer STEM Experience

Although there are many technology summer programs to choose from these days, iD Tech continues to stand out as the nation’s premiere program. One of the key factors in choosing the right camp is convenience. iD Tech has locations at Rancho Solano Preparatory Academy and ASUYou can save $75 on a week of camp with the promo code MOMSBLOG2017 (code valid through August 24, 2017).

Plus, iD Tech is the only camp to guarantee its low 8:1 student-to-instructor ratio, even if it means flying a talented instructor across the country to ensure your child receives the personalized instruction they deserve. Factor in the company’s year-round online learning platform, Tech Rocket, and professional tutors, and it’s easy to see why so many parents love iD Tech.

More than 275,000 students have attended iD Tech since 1999. Some alumni go on to work at Google, Apple, or Facebook. Others start their own game studios, launch startups, or found nonprofits. But all have become tech savvy, and the doors of possibility have swung wide open. According to iD Tech students, the fun camp culture, next-level instructors, and innovative curriculum make iD Tech the best camp ever.


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