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A few times a year I get the urge to  “clean up” of my everyday routines. Maybe it’s because I get bored, or feel like my skin/body/hair routine needs a little oomph. Maybe it’s just because it’s spring time and the weather is getting nice and I become very aware that I’m spending lots of time in the sun and will soon be by the pool in a bathing suit. OR maybe it’s because I read more and more about ingredients and their effect on our bodies and the environment and so I’m always open to “cleaner/greener” ways of doing things.  Below are some simple changes that I’ve made in the past that have great results and some new ones I’m trying this year.

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  • Am I getting enough rest? (sleep, alone time, personal space) – I know, I know, much easier said that done, yet vital for your wellbeing and your families. When sitting on a plane and the oxygen masks come down, we are instructed to put one on ourselves first and then assist our children. Why? because if we pass out, what good are we to anyone else? I find that getting out the door to have a little (even 45mins) of alone time is the biggest challenge. I can come up with 28 reasons why it would just be better for me to stay, but every single time I do take that time, it’s a win for both myself and my family.
  • Am I fueling my body well? What am I putting in my body? Does it agree with my body? We often just eat and drink. Simple, right? But so many of us don’t stop and ask, is this food sitting right with me? Do I, or my children, have reactions to these foods or drinks (ie. stomach issues, mood changes, skin issues, sleep issues)?
  • Where am I getting this food? Try your hand at a small garden this spring, or go to farmer’s markets. So fun to watch kids learn more about where foods are coming from.
  • What am I putting on my body? Take a look at the ingredients in the items you regularly use (soaps, detergents, deodorant, perfumes, candles, hand sanitizers) and think about going more natural with the ones you purchase or making your own (here’s a few of my favorite homemade recipes: candle recipe, deodorant recipe, laundry detergent recipe).
  • Am I moving my body? Trying to figure out a way to exercise regularly is often really, really difficult with young children. But how can you incorporate movement into your day, even with your kids? Our favorites are: family yoga, family bike rides, nightly walks, running and flying the kite at the park, and swimming.
  • And finally spring cleaning. Have you opened up your windows and given your house a good clean? Over the past several years, we have switched to mostly homemade cleaning products made with ingredients such as vinegar, essential oils, and castile soap. Here are some great recipes. Simple, economical, and feel great about my kids being around them and even using them.


  • Get a hair cut. It’s amazing how fresh and new you can feel from just getting a trim, or go big and get a new style.
  • Try going au natural by attempting the “No Poo” washing and conditioning method. I tried this for 3 months and was actually surprised at how well it worked once I got my “recipe” right. This is the blog I initially read, but if you search No Poo in Pinterest you find more than enough info.
  • Search some new, quick, and creative ways to style your hair (this comes in helpful for me on day 3 and 4 of not washing). Instead of just sporting the pony tail, mix it up a bit. Click here to see some ideas.
  • Try altering your hair color naturally. Click here for some ideas.


  • Simply ask yourself what your skin is needing right now. As the seasons change, so does my skin. Recently I’ve noticed my skin being a bit dry. I increase my water intake, add in an additional omega 3, and use more moisturizer. My favorite face moisturizer is this. My current favorite body moisturizer is this for my sensitive. dry skin.
  • Find a sunscreen you love! With the beautiful weather we find ourselves outside a lot of the time. While I wear my favorite face SPF, which is this, everyday, I am often on the search for new sunscreens to use on my body. There is a history of skin cancer in my family, and I am old enough to see the damage of sun exposure on my own body, so I attempt to protect it even more now. Here are a few of my favorites: Alba, Blue Lizard, Jason. Do your research and know what you are putting on your body and your kid’s bodies. Look at the ingredients and if possible, use mineral sunscreens versus chemical ones.
  • Treat yourself to a facial!! My favorite place to do this is with Breanna, here.

I hope these were some helpful tips you can use for you and your family to be healthier and happier… we would love to hear any (green) tips or tricks you have.

Happy Spring Cleaning!

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Elisa is a native Arizonan by birth and a Seattleite by heart. She is a wise, spirited woman who loves feeling the sun on her face, but also enjoys cold rainy days, complete with a cup of coffee and a good book or conversation. After graduating with a Masters in Counseling Psychology and seeing clients for a time, she took a hiatus to love on, play with, and offer copious amounts of hugs to our little girls, Malia and Jayden. She is now back working at Socorro Counseling and Consulting in Downtown Phoenix. Unafraid to laugh at herself and able to see the beauty in others, she makes everyone feel at ease, making her a genuine friend, therapist, and wife. Give her a cute pattern and a sewing machine or some spray paint and a piece of furniture and they are surely to be transformed into some warm piece of art that brightens our living space. She also finds creativity in cooking, making household cleaners, and anything Pinterest. In short, Elisa is stylish, wise, thoughtful, creative woman who makes everyone around her a better person, including her husband (who wrote this bio).


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