Spring Cleaning {7 tips to create and organize a gift wrap station}


I  wish I had a room in my house for crafting with a dedicated space to use for a gift wrapping station. But sadly, I do not, so all these hodge-podge items end up shoved in drawers, closets and spread all over the house in various spots. Honestly, I don’t really wrap that many gifts, but between the parties the kids get invited to and the holidays, I have an over abundance of wrapping paper, bags, ribbons and tissue paper. And it is so very hard to keep it all organized. It easily becomes cluttered and hard to manage (especially if the kids are “helping” out). So I decided to dedicate one cupboard in our laundry room for all the gift wrapping items. I organized all the miscellaneous bags, cards, gift tags, and ribbon and it all works to make the process of wrapping our next birthday party present or grabbing a gift bag on the way to the next house warming party that much easier.  

Here are my tips to make your own gift wrap station in any room of your house more manageable:

1) Group all of the things together and have them all easy to grab in a pinch (scissors, tape, tags, tissue, etc). Whatever your go-to wrapping items are, store them all in one spot instead of spread throughout the house. 

2) The exception to the above is seasonal gift wrapping items; do not store these with everything else! You don’t need the Christmas wrapping paper or the Easter gift bags the other 11 months of the year. Why fight to keep it organized? Keep it in your box of seasonal decoration. You will be thrilled next year when you open the Christmas boxes and already have bags, boxes and paper ready to go. 

3) Invest in a card box and pick up a couple of cards each time you head to the store. So if you go to a lot of baby showers, buy a couple of cards, add them to your card box. Having a variety of cards on hand can be a real life saver as we run from one activity to another. 

4) I was sent Wrap Buddies to try out and I am obsessed! These fancy clips hold the wrapping paper onto the table (plus an added tape dispenser)! Come next holiday season, it will be so perfect to set up a gift wrapping center in my house for all of the hours spent wrapping paper. Plus the Wrap Buddies are perfect for holding rolls of craft or coloring paper on the kitchen table whenever the kids decide to go craft crazy. We think this is such an awesome organizational find for every crafty mom.

5) Organize the gift bags by size. I use the craft paper organizer to sort all of the bags. They can get unruly and chaotic without some sort of organization system. 

6) Buy tissue paper from the dollar store or when you see it on clearance. You know that you are going to need it, just stock up now and be happy later you have it ready to go. 

7) I made these easy gift tags years ago and still use them on gift bags and presents. They are generic enough that I can use them on almost every present. I even keep one sheet of stickers in my car consul for those emergency presents you pick up on your way to the event. 

So I hope you all get some good organization tips for your gift wrap area. And if you have any good tips please comment below. I need all the help I can get keeping this area of my house as organized as possible! 

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