Song Filled Summer: Why Dance Parties are on our Summer Bucket List


Mamas, I have to be honest with you… I consider myself a recovering perfectionist, but I can still get sucked down the “plan a perfect summer” rabbit hole. While we have plenty of good standby activities for staying cool this summer, I wanted to add something a little different this year. Due to that desire, I just spent several hours stressing out on Pinterest looking at themed summer schedules before closing out ALL the tabs and deciding that the only theming we’ll be doing on a regular basis is having a song-filled summer. Let me explain.

One of our favorite ways to get moving as a family is to have a giant dance party, and that became even more crucial for us as we needed to find the fun and move through lots of big emotions during the pandemic and virtual learning. Here’s a few great things about dance parties and why I think you might benefit from a song-filled summer too: 

Dance parties can be as long or as short as you want. Do you need to get a cranky kid out of a slump? Maybe just 30 seconds of ridiculous dancing will do the trick. Do you need to run out a ton of energy but no freaking way you are attempting a park playdate in the summer heat? Plan a full out playlist and let them dance until they drop! You don’t need any special equipment or training to make these happen, and you can take the party to basically any safe space in your house. On days when my kids are not feeling our song filled summer I may or may not promise a smoothie after all that exertion.

But back to my one themed venture for the summer… Not because I am striving for any Pinterest perfect summer, but just because I want this to require as little brain power as possible and themes for each day mean I can spend my brain power on having fun and staying present! So here are our themes for each weekday:

MOVIE MONDAY: Dance it out to favorite movie soundtracks. This can include musicals, Disney music, or just soundtracks that make you feel like you are on an epic adventure.

TAY TAY TUESDAY: Whether you call her Tay Tay, T Swift, Swifty, or any other of the many nicknames, you can’t go wrong with a Taylor Swift Dance party. I have enough favorite songs of hers that I definitely won’t get sick of having them in our rotation all song-filled summer long.

WORLDLY WEDNESDAY: I want to expose my kids to lots of other cultures too, and since travel is still out for us, theming music once a week around that desire seems like a fun, accessible place to start!

THROWBACK THURSDAY: Whether you are throwing it back to the 90s, the 50s, or way the heck back to some classical music, the possibilities around this theme are almost endless!

FUNDAY FRIDAY: Also known as family Friday, each kid gets to pick whatever song they want on Fridays. Totally their choice. Odds are good things will get wacky.

Will you join me in more dance parties this year?! Let’s make song-filled summer happen!


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