So I Lost My Job… Now What?


So, I lost my job … now what?!

The thing I feared the most recently happened. After years of endless energy and dedication, and even putting my work before my family, I have been “released.” It wasn’t planned, but it also didn’t come out of the blue.  Yes, there were signs that something was wrong, besides my increasing unhappiness and constantly questioning what the hell I was doing. I was satisfied with what I did and to my knowledge, I was doing a great job. I had a title. I was a “working mom” and now, I don’t know what I am.

The uncertainty and loss of the “working mom” label has thrown me for a loop. I honestly don’t know how to be a “stay at home mom,” but after having a full time job, I also realized I no longer want to be a full time employee with a growing family. I no longer want to put a company before my family, but I also know I need to provide for my family and some sacrifices need to be made.  I just can’t let my family be on the back burner.

I Lost My Job North Phoenix Moms Blog

So what is next for me since I lost my job? I HAVE NO CLUE! But here is a list of what I do know:

  1. I am a replaceable person through the eyes of a company, but through the eyes of my family, I am EVERYTHING.
  2. I choose to not work for a company that doesn’t acknowledge the need to have a work-life balance. I learned this will only put me on a slippery slope to making heart wrenching sacrifices.
  3. I know what I am worth and I also know what I am willing to sacrifice; time with my family is not a sacrifice I’m willing to make.

This “release” has helped me find my voice to stand up for what I believe in. I am tired of society’s expectations of full time work meaning 40 hours/week.  I need a work-life balance, because let’s be honest, moms don’t have set hours, or set breaks, and we certainly don’t get paid for our hard work.

It’s time to reinvent myself. I will start by taking some great tips from our fellow contributor on How To Be a Work From Home Mom.  I’ll try filling in some work wherever I can until I figure out what’s next for my career path.  This rebellious mom is telling society’s standards to go fly a kite!  No more labels, no more heart wrenching sacrifices, no more putting work before my family.

As always, I wish all you mamas the best!


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