STYLE: Healthy Skin Tips for the Busy Mom


Wouldn’t it be nice to have glowing skin from a proper regimen including an hour of pampering and preparing your skin each morning, monthly facial treatments, 8 plus hours of sleep every night?!?  Are you laughing at the thought of that right now?  Being a mom is awesome, amazing, and super cool, but it definitely takes a toll on your skin.  There are so many products out there that can help keep you looking great and lots of multi-step systems, but in all honesty, most days I am lucky to get a shower and maybe a bit of makeup on.

skin tips for mom

I talked to our favorite esthetician + makeup artist, Breanna from Healthy Skin AZ.  (If you’re not following her on Facebook, click here!)  So, for all you moms in the same position as me, here are a few easy skin tips that are totally doable each day… even those crazy, out-of-control days!

1.  Wash and Moisturize Every Morning and Night

This is a struggle for me sometimes.  Not the morning part, but the nighttime wash.  There are some nights that when crawling into bed seems so much more tempting than washing and moisturizing my face. Breanna told me, “making sure to wash your face nightly is key.  This removes makeup, environmental residue, and allows the skin to breathe and process toxins properly throughout the night.”

2. Drink Water

I know, you hear this all the time.  It is so, so important to drink water, especially in the dry desert we live in! This important step will help in all areas of your health.  You will feel better and look better when you are hydrated. Breanna suggests drinking “a minimum of half your body weight in ounces for the skin to look it’s best and function properly.”  I know that I need to work on this one and continually remind myself to drink more water.

3.  Wear Sunscreen

Your face is exposed all year round and the sun can cause so much damage, both short term and especially long term.  The weather is beautiful right now, so before you head out to the park, on a walk, or just to the backyard, make sure you apply sunscreen.  Breanna advises us to wear mineral based SPF daily whether its hot or not (even on quick trips outside).  “It is the #1 thing we can do to prevent sun damage and sun induced aging.  It will keep you looking younger longer.”

There a lot of options for SPF for the face. I know our personal favorite is the Mineral Protection SPF by Breanna at Healthy Skin.  It goes on so smooth and not oily at all!  I love the way it makes my skin feel on its own or under my makeup.

skin tips for mom

Breanna had one more suggestion for those of us who are breakout prone:

“Use a warm compress on areas of breakouts rather than picking.  The spots heal much faster and don’t get as irritated (and bigger) from squeezing.”

Hope you can add these to your day or continue to keep up with them if you already do!  Is there anything else you do each day to keep your skin glowing?

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