Is Shopping Online Our New Destiny, for all Things?


Gymboree. Store closing. Crazy Eights. Everything must go. Next thing I know, Carter’s at Desert Ridge is just an empty storefront.   Then the news broke that Toys’R’Us and Babies’R’Us stores would be saying goodbye. At first I wasn’t heart broken over this (we really don’t need another toy in our house), until my 4 year old daughter asked me with her sweet innocent voice, “where is the toy store going to move to mom?”

As I explained to her that it wasn’t moving it was just leaving, I was reminded on how much I used to love to go to Toy’R’Us as a kid. It was then that I felt slightly saddened by all of this.

Luckily we still have KidStop, which is an amazing toy store near Scottsdale and Shea. But it wasn’t until the other day that I felt the worst of it; I was planning on making a quick shopping trip to J. Crew to find nothing but darkness as I approached the store windows. Now I really understood how my daughter felt. Watching theses stores close down one by one finally started to catch my attention and make me wonder which store will be next.

So where is everyone shopping if stores keep dropping like flies?

Online shopping has been the most common answer I have heard so far. While online shopping should be music to my ears because we all know that venturing out with kids is not always an easy task, there are still a few things that I struggle with.

First, I really dislike paying for shipping. I will avoid this cost and spend more money on stuff I probably don’t need if I know that it is going to get me free shipping.

Second, I worry about the return policy when buying online especially when I am purchasing clothes.

And third, I am used to physically going to a store to buy what I am looking for. However, many moms have spoken highly of shopping through the internet, so I am thinking it may be time to change my ways.

Buying from local retailers is a personal favorite of mine. Locally owned vendors offer unique merchandise that you can’t find anywhere.  Check out local markets to learn about the small businesses in your area that you may only be able to buy from online. I had the opportunity to attend The Mom Made Market and discovered some of the cutest things. My hope is that these types of events happen more often because they are a lot of fun and you will discover some great finds.

With all of this in mind, my question to you is where are your favorite places and/or  websites to shop at?


  1. Hi Megan! I just read your house cleaning blog & I love it!!! You did a fantastic job. I know I am tardy sending this as it was several weeks, maybe even months ago? ? I want to subscribe so I keep getting your blogs!

    Love to you, Casey, Lux & Emmy!

    Grandma Betty


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