Selling Your Home (With a Toddler?!)


When selling your home, put on your big girls pants, and buckle up!  Prepare for your privacy to be invaded and to be judged for every. little. thing.

“That couch is ugly.” – You were planning on leaving your furniture and all your personal items right?

“I can’t believe they have all this stuff for their kids.” – Kids are so spoiled these days, who needs more than one toy!?

“Filthy! Smells weird in here.” – This was actual feedback we got; we’d just had the house professionally cleaned and I am a FREAKING NUT about cleanliness. Pretty sure these people were talking about a different house … Sorry, I still get worked up over that one.

Selling your home and moving is a difficult process in and of itself … throw in a toddler?!  Here are 6 easy steps for Selling Your Home With a Toddler:

  1. Attach Swiffer dusters to said toddler. This will help pick up about 1/100th of the dust, food crumbs and dog fur lying around. Cleanliness is key!image2
  2. Put all toys in a spare closet and just never take them back out. Your child will be so much better off using his/her mind and imagination to play with shadows anyway.image3
  3. Once kid(s) are asleep at night, spend about 12 hours vacuuming, dusting, cleaning the pool, pulling weeds, doing dishes, prepping meals, and doing laundry (note, don’t forget to also immediately put away all the laundry because potential buyers will inevitably want to come look at your house at 8am the morning after you finally wash everything. But at least you will probably get about 15 minutes notice, ugh).
  4. Change your mind, stay where you are. 
  5. Okay, just kidding on that last one.  But, seriously, once you do sell your house, just remember that you now have to find a new house, make an offer, schedule home inspections, appraisals, paperwork, PACK ALL THE THINGS AND ACTUALLY MOVE….Selling Your Home With a Toddler
  6. WINE

For best results repeat step 6.

Any steps you want to add? I’d love to hear in the comments below.

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Lindsey is mom to an adorable and precocious little girl born in February 2015 after a long and difficult struggle with infertility. It was a painful journey to motherhood, but in the end, it was all more than worth it. Originally from Minnesota, Lindsey moved to Phoenix in 2004 and met her now husband within a month. Needless to say, she was swept off her feet. 13 years, four homes and several jobs later, they are loving life as parents while laughing through the madness that it brings. She is happiest when her love of food, drinks and fun meet with her passion for fitness and wellness to create a balanced and active life. Her family and friends are the center of her world and that includes a lovable golden retriever Leinie, a dog who (literally) wears many hats. Connect with Lindsey on Facebook and Instagram and follow her here to laugh along!


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