Self-Care Challenge


With the Fall season in full swing, there’s never been a better time to hit the reset button on your routine. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with a new school year and busy work schedules during these unprecedented times. When was the last time you dedicated time to self-care? Considering the added stress of back-to-school during the pandemic, every family could benefit from re-prioritizing wellness. Trying a 30-day self-care challenge could be the perfect way to get started.

Taking care of yourself comes in many forms, but the hardest part about it is making it a daily practice. Maybe you have a perfectly planned self-care ritual that you know will lift your spirits, but it might be impossible to squeeze into your current schedule. To experience the full perks of self-care, consistency is necessary. 

By focusing on one self-care habit each day for a month, you’ll hold yourself accountable for small changes that make a large impact in the long run. Be consistent if you want to fully clear your mind and boost your immune system. Drinking more water, going for a walk, taking a bath, and getting a pedicure are all examples of self-care practices that might not seem like a big deal—but skipping them can make you feel burnt out. 

In this day and age, spending time to recharge your mind and body is non-negotiable. The old cliché “self-care isn’t selfish” couldn’t be more true. Don’t forget—self-care habits don’t need to be Instagram-worthy rituals! Take a laid-back approach to prioritize wellness, and keep in mind that maintaining physical and mental health looks different to everyone. Also, a key part of self-care is knowing when to lean on family and friends. There might be plenty of online self-care websites/apps, but why not give your eyes a break from the screens as you hold yourself accountable? 

Check out the free self-care calendar printable and adorable progress-tracking stickers, which you can start using today. Let us know how your Self-Care Challenge goes! 


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