Savoring the Last of the Summer Memories


Well it happened. Fall is here. World Market released their new Pumpkin Spice coffee beans, saying “it’s never too early to enjoy fall flavors.” I’ve already seen Christmas decorations up at Hobby Lobby, and signs going up for where the Spirit Halloween stores will be. Meanwhile, it’s still averaging over 100 degrees here in Arizona. And, as much as I LOVE the fall and holidays, I just have to say it’s TOO SOON! 

So I say let’s enjoy savoring what’s left of the summer memories, as we ease back into the school year and real life, while holding onto some of the fun, carefree summer vibes. Before we know it the hustle of the Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukah, Christmas and New Years will be upon us and I am not ready to start that ride yet!

Here’s a few ways we’re going to continue keeping things simple and slow and hang onto summer memories as we transition to the busyness of fall:

  1. Popsicles outside after dinner while mom and dad have an adult beverage. When the sun doesn’t set until closer to 7pm, you gotta let those kiddos run (or swim!) off that energy outside. Plus, kids that are outside before bedtime have an easier time falling asleep than those that are inside in front of screens!
  2. SIMPLE dinner meals… summer produce is still here so we’re taking advantage of that with simple salads and grilled meats for dinner.
  3. Movie night on Fridays with just our family. No other plans, parties, or commitments. Just a quiet way to cool down and relax at the end of the week.
  4. Limited extracurricular activities.
  5. Once it actually does start cooling down, long neighborhood family walks with the dog.
  6. Do a weekend family staycation and take advantage of some of the killer deals that local hotels are offering.
  7. Family date night at a local popsicle or ice cream shop. A few of my favorites are AZ Pops, Churn, and Creamistry!
  8. Implement “No Screen Sunday” to help keep the family connected now that everyone’s back to school and work during the week.
  9. Water balloon party in the backyard! 
  10. As we get closer (to it feeling like) fall, our family will make a Fall Bucket List that I cannot wait to start in on!

Who else is not ready to let go of those summer memories just yet? What are you doing to prolong the summer feeling just a tad longer? Comment below with your ideas.


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