Ways You Can Save Time and Money at the Grocery Store


Sundays do not revolve around meal planning at my house, and I’ll admit that sometimes it really shows. The end of each work day usually ends with my husband and I texting back and forth about what should be for dinner. We are lucky to have a Fry’s Food Store within a block of our house (it’s also brand new). With the new Fry’s store came ClickList and a few other upgrades to grocery shopping that we didn’t even know we needed, and now we can’t live without! If you suffer from the nightly “what’s for dinner conversation” consider these 3 tips to help you make your next trips to the store quicker and less expensive.

Digitally Clip Coupons on Your Phone – Fry’s and many other retailers offer a mobile app, you can go in and find all sorts of digital coupons for items you regularly buy. You can browse coupons, which is best done when you have some free time; or you can search for specific products to see if a coupon is available. Once you’ve selected the coupons you think you will use, they are added to your store loyalty card, enter your loyalty number at the register (or on the app) and watch the total decrease. It’s that simple.

Navigate Like a Pro – Ever find yourself searching for a product that you know the store carries but you can’t seem to find anywhere? Or even worse, did you send your spouse to the store and he doesn’t know where to find the local salsa you’re craving and you know he’s about to give up on locating? Using your grocery store app, make sure you have your local store saved as your preferred location, then search for the product. The product page will show you the aisle, a picture of the product, the price, and any digital discounts available. This is ideal if you’re not the one shopping!

Online Ordering – If you think about what you’ll need early enough in the day, most grocery stores allow for same day online ordering! This can typically be done through the store’s website but also sometimes through their apps. Fry’s ClickList pulls data from your loyalty card so the products you purchase most show up on the front page, making it easy to add them to the cart without having to search for them. Submit your order to be picked up during a reserved time (you typically need a 4 hour advanced window), pull up to a dedicated parking spot, a store employee will bring your groceries out and pack them in your car, and you’re on your way! Stores have varying cost for this service, but many offer a few free trials or waive the fee if your order meets a minimum. On days where I know I am going to have both of my kids in the car, paying a fee to get our groceries in under 5 minutes is worth the $5.

As you make your way to the grocery store next let us know if you are implementing some of these time and money saving tools! Or share with us the tips and tricks that work best for you! Tag us in your post using #nphxmoms

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