SANS Bottle :: the Best Way to Have Fresh Smoothies and Shakes

We are so excited to partner with SANS bottle for this post! We know families will love how innovative the SANS bottles are!

Have you ever blended your morning juice or smoothie only to find it’s turned brown on you before you’ve had a chance to finish?

SANS is here to help!  

SANS is an innovative solution to preserving smoothies, shakes, juices and more with a patented vacuum seal that keeps its contents fresh for a longer period of time.  When fruits and vegetables are exposed to air, they start to oxidize, turning them brown and depleting their nutrients. SANS slows down the oxidation process by removing air from the storage bottle.

SANS Bottle

The lid of the bottle contains the vacuum pump mechanism designed to preserve the life of smoothies and shakes up to 7 days. By simply pumping the lid, it acts as a preserver by removing the air from the bottle and maintaining a tight seal. You can even store freshly cut fruits and vegetables, nut milks, overnight oats or wine.

The SANS bottle is a non-toxic, BPA free, reusable, glass travel bottle allowing you to enjoy your smoothies and shakes anytime, anywhere. The protective silicone sleeve and leak-proof lid allows the glass bottle to travel with ease.

Just pour a drink or fruit or vegetable of choice into the 16oz. glass bottle. Attach the lid and twist to unlock, which will simultaneously release the pump. Using the palm of your hand, pump the preserver cap up and down to remove the air. The pump will become more difficult to pump once you have achieved preservation and removed all the air. Once complete, push the pump down and twist 90 degrees to lock. The beverage is now preserved and sealed.

SANS Bottle

SANS is perfect for mom’s on-the-go who want to make a smoothie or shake in advance to take with them to the office, the gym or while running errands with their little one(s). Available in 4 fun shades: Watermelon, Mint Green, Berry Blue and Glacier Grey. SRP $30.00

For those looking to meal prep or make smoothies for the whole family to enjoy, try SANS XL. This 32oz. carafe is great when making a large batch of your favorite smoothies or fresh juices to share with others. The borosilicate glass carafe has a wide opening for an easy pour and an easy grip silicone sleeve. Plus, it’s dishwasher safe making cleanup quick and easy. SRP $40.00

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