You Really Know You’re a Mom When…


Mama you endure a lot each day! You are strong, you have endurance and you learn more each day. Your day looks very different from your childless days, yet you wouldn’t trade a single one. So often we find ourselves laughing at those small moments when we recognize just how different our lives are. So let’s take a second to smile with one another and celebrate that THIS is motherhood! 

know you're a momYou know you’re a mom when…

You smell butts more than your dog does. 

The same load of laundry has been rewashed for two days because you keep forgetting to put it in the dryer. 

When you realize your entire life is based off of someone’s eating schedule. 

When you eat your ice cream (or any food you don’t want to share) in hiding because you don’t want to share with your toddler. 

Your kid is on their third well-balanced meal full of fruits and veggies and you’re on your third graham cracker for the day because it was the closest thing to you. 

You have to do a “smell check” to remember if and when you showered.  

You realize that your Friday nights went from dancing in the club to now standing in your bathroom at home teaching the “pee-pee dance.”

You start calling four hours of solid sleep “a good night.”

Your food order at a restaurant is what you know your baby will eat. So much for spicy enchiladas. At least he can’t share your margarita! 

When your music suddenly goes from “Usher” to “Mary Had a Little Lamb.” 

You respond to text messages in 1.5 seconds or a month later. Sometimes never. Do mental responses count? 

You have complete conversations in spelled words. 

When you spend three times more money and time at the store buying nothing you originally came for because you brought the kids with you. 

You get the chance to go somewhere without kids and you feel like you’re forgetting something the entire time.

The “good” parking spot is the one closest to the shopping cart corral.

You celebrate someone pooping in a toilet. 

You have no problem picking a small person’s nose.

When you’re in the dressing room and realize that you only did make up on one eye. 

You decide if it’s worth going out by if they have a drive-thru or car pick-up option. 

You catch yourself doing “the sway” any time you’re standing for a while. 

You know you’re a mom when…it took you more than one try to read this blog post. 

This list was compiled by some of our team. We would LOVE to add to it. Ready? Set? GO!

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