How to Enjoy Being Pregnant at the Beach


Going to the beach is always fun, especially during the hot Arizona summer months!  A few days at the beach is a much-needed retreat from the scorching Phoenix temperatures. There are plenty of activities to participate in; building sand castles, reading your favorite book, or simply working on that summer tan you’ve been wishing for since your pasty white body made its appearance in December. While the beach is a blast, going to the beach when you’re pregnant can be a totally different story. Here are some tips on how to survive a beach pregnant and still have a memorable trip!

  • pregnant at the beachGo to the restroom before you get there. It’s quite the workout to walk through sand even when you’re not pregnant. Frequent trips to the bathroom are one of the many joys of pregnancy. Finding a public restroom within walking distance is a plus!
  • Stay hydrated. Bring plenty of water and other electrolyte-filled drinks! Smart Water is a bonus with added electrolytes to help keep mom and baby hydrated for longer. One of my favorites drinks to have on hand is fruit infused water; love the added flavor and vitamins. Here are some of my favorite recipes from Rodale’s Organic Life.
  • Use sunscreen and stay in the shade. Yes. Tanning is common practice for most at the beach. However, pregnancy can already be uncomfortable when it comes to morning sickness and aches and pains. Imagine a sunburn on top of that. Ouch! It’s also important to not raise your body temperature too fast! A large umbrella is a great way to stay shaded and be sure to invest in a sun hat. 
  • Bring snacks. Being hungry sucks. Being hungry when you’re pregnant releases all of the hangry hormones at once and has mom looking like a growing teenage boy when she finally gets her hands on a meal. Watermelon, cucumbers, nuts, etc. would be great healthy snacks to bring and keep mom and baby happy!  
  • Have a comfortable pillow and blanket or chair. Because there are some positions that are simply impossible for a pregnant woman to sit or lay in, a pillow and blanket or chair to help make you comfortable are essential! It’s tough enough trying to get up off of the flat ground, let alone the dips in the sand.  
  •  Take your camera. You’ll regret not capturing pictures of that growing bump if you don’t take any. Memories are even greater when you have photos to remember them by. It’s also quite handy to snap a photo of where you parked your car because pregnancy brain is seriously no joke!

Have you traveled to the beach while pregnant? Have any tips or tricks? Comment below to help other expecting mamas enjoy their time at the beach! 


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