Pregnancy Craze!


Hello Lovely Ladies,

        Let’s face it trying to get pregnant can be quite stressful.   My husband and I have been in no hurry to start a family.  We wanted to travel and take our time before moving onto that next chapter.  We are now celebrating our 6 year wedding anniversary and are ready to start a family.  In the beginning, I made an (unrealistic) decision to keep a carefree attitude and just “let it happen.”  Then, a few months passed and it didn’t “just happen.”  As hard as I tried to fight it, the viscous “Pregnancy Craze” started, and that carefree attitude flew out the window.

It’s disturbing to say the least at how engrossed you can become in getting pregnant.  For those of you that don’t know me, I am a planner.  I would die without my day planner, literally!   So “my plan” is to learn everything I can about pregnancy, so I can be as prepared as possible. “My Plan” would also include when I would like to be pregnant by, and how I want to feel pregnant, and how much weight I want to gain when I’m pregnant.  Coinciding with my excitement of “planning,” there is also a list of anxious feelings.  It’s a little overwhelming thinking about how my body is going to change, how my marriage will change, and just how different things will be.

There are a lot of choices to consider when thinking about getting pregnant, which is why this “Craze” can be so persistent.  For example, these are questions I contemplate over; What is the best method for testing ovulation? What is the best day to have sex?  Which book gives the most accurate information on pregnancy?  The “Pregnancy Craze” doesn’t stop there, what about those monthly nerves you get anxiously waiting for your next Period to start….or not start.  I also find it particularly frightening buying pregnancy tests.  My hand trembles and my heart races as I pass through the check-out line wondering if this will be the time it comes back positive?  (Disclosure: If for some reason there is not a self check-out line to purchase my pregnancy test, I purposely give the cashier the pregnancy test with my wedding ring hand.  This way she has no doubt that I am married. Silly, I know).

If any of you are experiencing this new roller coaster ride of what I like to call the “Pregnancy Craze”, here are a few suggestions that I have found helpful for me that might be helpful for you too:

– Journal: Write about your fears, worries, anything related to pregnancy.

– Pray/Meditate/Do whatever helps you to relax:  Find time to go and do something that will help you relax.

– Talk with other women:  It can be helpful to talk with ladies that already have had kids and have been in your shoes.  They might offer you some good advice and encouragement to hang on to.

– Educate: Educate yourself on what is going to happen so mentally you can be prepared.  If you already know how things are going to change you might not have as much of a “shock” factor when it does change.

If this is going to be your first pregnancy, all the unknowns can be scary.  My encouragement is to not let the whole “Pregnancy Craze” distract you from enjoying this season with your husband/significant other.  Happy Baby Making!


  1. Thanks for sharing Angela. I totally relate to the crazy planning to do list scheduled life and planning both of my pregnancies definitely threw me for a spin! Nerve racking and exciting all at
    the same time!


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