We live in an internet-centered world. So much of what we learn comes from the cyber world, and frankly, I don’t know what I would do without it. When I was a kid, I had to go to the library to do research, or dig through that lovely set of encyclopedias my parents paid a bundle for. Not my kids. They go to google. One click…and they’re there.

While this is a great resource for all of us, at times I worry about what my children are exposed to, especially in the social media world. Twitter, Facebook, Myspace (which has fizzled for the most part), and Instagram. I personally, have seen my own children be bullied via social media. I saw this because I monitor their accounts.

My purpose for this post today? As a mom of teenagers ( 16 and 17 years old), AND younger ones (7 and 10 years old), I urge you mamas, to monitor their internet usage. If they have social media accounts, monitor them. Get their passwords. Check them regularly.

Unfortunately kids today are using these resources as a battleground. They get on there and lash out. They speak rudely and crudely. They say very hurtful and unnecessary things.  They can sit behind a computer screen and spew anything they want to, at the expense of somebody else’s feelings and well-being.

I have talked to some parents that had no idea their children had Twitter accounts. Check your computers history and most importantly, talk to your children about the proper usage of social media.  Also, make sure they are old enough, and/or mature enough to use it properly.

On August 20th, my 10 year old nephew was diagnosed with Leukemia. Both of my teenagers reached out on their social media accounts, asking their friends for prayer for their cousin. THIS IS WHAT SOCIAL MEDIA SHOULD BE USED FOR! I explained to them that they were using it for it’s proper purposes, and for that reason, I support them having these accounts.  The moment I see that they are abusing these accounts, or misusing them, they will lose computer and smart phone privileges.

Thank you for reading today, and remember, we are our babies’ protectors!  The idea isn’t to monitor your kids to show them power and control over your children, but instead to protect and guide or redirect when needed. Don’t let this one slip by you.  Be aware, be involved, and be in charge!


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