Our Family Stories: Jen’s Story


Christmas morning magic is a little intense in my family. I came to this realization when my youngest son was 18 months old.

You see, he went to bed in a quiet and empty house. Granted it had been a couple of weeks full of holiday activities and there was a tree with presents. But the next morning when we awoke, it was a completely different scene!

christmas 1-1

When little Griffin walked into the living room he FREAKED OUT and was completely overwhelmed with a living room full of  people he loved and a LARGE pile of presents. The stimulation was just too much for my little guy and he cried.


We gave him a moment to try to work it out and then I moved him onto the new super hero pillows underneath the tree where he continued to cry. Then the sweetest moment happened. His big brother, clearly concerned, came over to him with a new toy to comfort him. Letting little brother know he was there for him.


It took Griffin a few minutes but he pulled out of it and became his happy go lucky little self. Full of life and fun and came to truly enjoy his Christmas morning of magic alongside his brother.


Christmas morning magic is made so much more full with a sibling to share it with. I come from a big family as does my husband so when we found out that we were pregnant with baby number two, when our first son was only six months old, we were thrilled. We wanted our children to be close in age so that they had a best friend to really share that holiday magic with. And boy do these kids have a magical life.


Seeing the magic through my children’s eyes on Christmas morning continues to be more and more fun every year. I can’t wait for another magical morning.



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