Operation: Make Her Smile


Valentine’s Day is nearing, and with it comes mixed feelings and emotions. Some love the idea of love and celebrate it accordingly. Others shun its advances, hunkering down in the trenches and comically referring to it as “Singles Awareness Day,” while others pay no attention at all, and would rather celebrate it as Arizona’s birthday (108 years old this year, lookin’ good, girl!). “Galentine’s Day” is a newer term that allows girlfriends to come together to celebrate friendship. I love all of these options. Feel how you want to, celebrate how you choose. However, I try to stay mindful of my blessings and try to find the beauty in the simplicity of life. Bob Marley once said, “the most beautiful curve on a woman’s body is her smile.”  Marilyn Monroe told us, “a smile is the best makeup any girl can wear.” I agree with the insight of these two celebs. I want to celebrate the good in the world! If I can offer a smile to brighten someone’s day, I will gladly accept the challenge.

Many have called me an “old soul.” I’m told I am intuitive and sensitive to those around me. I take that as a genuine compliment because it identifies the type of person I am—one who sincerely cares about others. Because I have known tragedy and unfathomable loss, I try to stay mindful of my blessings and try to find the beauty in the simplicity of life. I am a “pay it forward” kind of girl who tries to celebrate sisterhood in all its courageous glory. I want to celebrate the good in the world! If I can offer a little hope to those who in need, I am thrilled to partake. 

Eleven years ago I noticed a friend was struggling with some personal issues. Her heart seemed heavy and I wanted to help lighten her load. I went to the store and found the most beautiful bouquet of roses I could find. I went to Lauren and gave her a big hug. She was dumbfounded that I would show that level of care. Though I couldn’t take away the challenges she was facing, I did seem to lift her countenance. Valentine’s Day, 2009, became known as “Operation: Make Her Smile!” Every year on this holiday, I go to the store and buy a dozen roses, beautifully wrapped up with a message of hope and encouragement that I hope will make someone’s day. I never know who the 12 recipients will be. I let my intuition be my guide. You might find me at the local grocery store, park, drive-thru, library, restaurant, bank or dentist. You might find a cheerful little gift on your front porch or in your mailbox. If I make you smile then mission accomplished! My toddlers have even been welcomed to the team! I have decided to teach them early about cheering others up in this unique way. Every year I have documented it on social media. I’ve also had several friends and family say they wish to partake in their own version of this “paying it forward.”

Keep your eyes open and hearts ready, Phoenix! You might just become a treasured recipient of the eleventh annual “Operation: Make Her Smile” this year!



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