It’s Okay NOT to be a Mompreneur


All over the internet today I see so many posts about how to be a “mompreneur.” So many of my own friends have started a business with an MLM. I have nothing against MLMs or those who choose to do that. I’m just here to let you know that you don’t have to do something to be someone. You CAN be just MOM and it’s okay NOT to be a mompreneur.

I’m writing this because I need to hear this. I’m writing this because I don’t feel that it is out there amongst the blogosphere. Let me let you in on something, I don’t like to be an energizer bunny. If things get too busy, crazy, or I have too much on my plate, I am not known to be a nice person. I stress when there is more than enough to do and then I tend to just not want to do any of it. 

But, when I read these posts about becoming a mompreneur I start thinking that maybe I should. Maybe I do need to add something to my day to make me seem like I’ve got it all together. Like I’m somebody. Like I’m doing something for my family. But then I have to remember that that’s not who I am. That would not help my family. It may help the people I’m reading about and be exactly what they can handle, but for me, it would add chaos and stress to my life right now. 

I have to remind myself that being a MOM is enough. It’s a tough gig and a very important one. Managing my house, food, kids’ schedules, and making sure I don’t forget to make my dentist appointments (#momlife) can be enough most days. Could I be a mompreneur? Sure! Would it better my family financially? Most likely! Would it be the best decision for my family? Most likely not. And I have to remember that every time I get the feeling that I’m not enough while all these other moms are hustling the mompreneur life.


  1. I’ve seen people make it look so easy, but I made the leap and did an MLM and geeze it was anything but for me! I loved it because I’m performance driven and this gave me new goals to work towards that we’re totally different from my work life but the cost of keeping it up we’re more than monetary. Each night I’d spend my last few waking hours working on my business, only to barely break even and pay a lot extra in taxes one year later. I hung up my hat on that and have had so much happiness since!


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