Ode to Blackened Turkey


I have my ideal Thanksgiving all plotted out in my head: I’ll walk out of my kitchen carrying a 20 pound organic turkey, artfully brined, roasted, and arranged with varietal herbs that I clipped from my garden just moments before. My kids will be dressed in matching, ironed dresses. My table will include not two, but twelve Pinterest-inspired decorations.

Can I stop? Please?

Don’t get me wrong- my family has a wonderful Thanksgiving planned, but the only matching things on my kids will probably be the food stains on their clothes and my Pinterest boards are no indication of my actual life.

I caught myself worrying about whether or not the new recipes I’m planning on trying will work or not (because the world will end if my bacon-wrapped dates don’t properly caramelize). And then I remembered that I’m sharing the Thanksgiving load with my fantastic mom, sister, and mother-in-law. And really, even if all of us somehow completely mess up the food, I hear The Keg has a fabulous holiday menu.

So, friends, enjoy yourselves tomorrow. Let the kids play in their fancy clothes (Resolve works wonders). Let the dishes pile up. And if your turkey burns and looks like the star of a National Lampoon holiday special, Instagram it and grab some takeout.

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us.


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