North Phoenix Moms Blog {exciting announcement}


We have some exciting news at North Phoenix Moms Blog! 

NPhxMB now has a new team of owners! The owners at Scottsdale Moms Blog are excited to take over ownership at North Phoenix Moms Blog as of TODAY!! new ownershipFirst, we want to send a big thank you to Stacey Woodward for establishing North Phoenix Moms Blog and for all of her dedication over the last 4 years at creating the fantastic NPhxMB community.

Second, we want to introduce ourselves! Scottsdale Moms Blog and North Phoenix Moms Blog is owned by three moms with three different backgrounds.

Jessica Becker is a mom to three rambunctious boys. Originally from Iowa, she has loved living in Arizona and soaking up all the sunshine. She enjoys connecting moms in the Scottsdale and Phoenix community and creating space for moms to talk, make friends and have some fun. 

Kate Eschbach is a mom of five, including one in diapers and one headed off to college! She is a Texas gal who has lived in Arizona for 10 years. She actually photographed the very first Scottsdale Moms Blog Moms Night Out years ago and is so excited to be part of the team! 

Angela Barako is a mom to three children, two dogs and one cat. She has twin daughters who are almost teenagers and a younger daughter who spends all of her time at the dance studio. Angela grew up in Nebraska and loves college football and everything the Fall season brings. She is passionate about living in Arizona and loves sharing all her favorite things to do to with the readers. Angela has been the owner of Scottsdale Moms Blog since 2013. 

We are dedicated to continue the North Phoenix Moms Blog passion for creating local content for you and connecting with all of our readers online and off through events and play dates.  



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