No Spend January


With the Holidays behind us, the new year brings a perfect time for a change in behaviors that may not be serving me or my happiness. This year, it means taking a long hard look at my spending habits and if I really NEED all the stuff I have accumulated over the years. I am starting the year with a MAJOR purge, I am talking about overhauling the entire house. This all started with going through the kid’s toys before Christmas to make room for inevitable in influx of new stuff. It then migrated into the kitchen and the realization that I might be hoarder, thanks Mom. no spend JanuaryWhile getting rid of all the things, I have also made the executive decision that we will not be spending on anything extra for the month of January—No Spend January. All in hopes that I don’t just fill the house with replacement stuff that will eventually cause me stress and be purged. 

The 101

First off, why am I doing this—other than not wanting to end up with a mess of belongings that will just become overwhelming next year…

  • Obviously, not spending on non-necessities for a month is friendly on the budget. I didn’t spend a ton during Christmas, but it would be nice to save a little more. 
  • Speaking of the holidays, I feel like I am still in a little bit of the festive haze. I am hoping that concentrating on getting back to normality and not just spending at will might pull me out and get us back into a routine.
  • Establishing what we actually need to buy, and what I just want to buy. During the kitchen purge I got rid of, I kid you not, 10 coffee mugs, and I am still well stocked with my favorite that provide joyful, sentimental value.
  • The biggest, and most important why is the need for a reset. I want to rid my life of the clutter. The older I get, the more a mess and too much stuff just causes my unneeded anxiety. It just doesn’t seem worth it. 

The “No Spend” Rules:

I am that someone that needs black and white rules when I set my mind to doing something. Here is what I came up with, keep in mind, that this can change to fit your lifestyle.

  • I am allowed to spend on things that we need to live, i.e. food, toiletries etc. This doesn’t mean I can go to Target for groceries and come out with extras.  In all truth, I should probably stay out of Target all together #momlife.
  • Gifts are allowed if they are needed for this month. The kids have a couple of birthday parties and what not coming up.
  • The no list:Personal clothing, shoes, homeware or anything else that we do not absolutely need.  

I am not going to lie, it’s only been a couple days and this has already been a little tough. I am quickly learning that a lot of a spare time is spent browsing of my phone at tangible things that are cute, or a good deal, or I simply just “need” (want). Hopefully this little experiment will get me out of that habit, push me back into the present and keep some dollars in my pocket. 


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