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I’m back, with another way for families to have fun and give back to their communities!

Foam Glow 5K is a nighttime fun run that all ages can enjoy.  Dressed in everything from a t-shirt and shorts to neon tutus and wild headbands, people of all shapes, sizes, and speeds make their way through the colorful, foaming course to the sounds of pop tunes and electronic dance music.  It’s like being at a party where a race broke out!

Operated by 1N3, LLC, Foam Glow is one of many nighttime 5k events that they put on across the country, year round.  A portion of your admission goes toward a donation to Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

foam glow nighttime fun run donation phoenix childrens hospital

The event will be held on October 10th at Goodyear Ballpark, which has mostly a road course.  This is nice because you’re less likely to trip or step in holes, but with a 6:30pm race start, it will still be dark between the blacklight “Glow Stations,” so be careful.  The colored foam is shot out of cannons that resemble jet engines…big ones at the before/after party, smaller ones on the course.

foam glow nighttime cannon color

You’ll be covered in every shade of the rainbow by the time you’re done, so here’s some tips and tricks:

  • Don’t wear anything you don’t want to be “glowed up!”  Some of the glow just ain’t gonna go…away.  It may fade as time goes on, but you’ll have it with you for a while, so don’t wear your new favorite $200 cross-trainers.  The colors are 100% natural/non-toxic.
  • Blondes don’t always have more fun!  If you have lighter colored hair, color-treated hair, or just have to get up early for church or work the next day, wear a hat, because otherwise you might look like something out of My Little Pony.
  • Bring your own water!  There will likely be water for sale before the event, but the only free water is usually at the stations on the course.  Even with our cooler temps this week, it’s smart to stay hydrated.  Food trucks will be on site with a variety of options, most of which accept cash and credit.
  • Plan a meet-up point should you get separated from the rest of your group.  This is especially important if you are bringing children or teens.  Cell phones should be stored in a plastic baggie to keep the foam/wetness away from them, or left in the car.
  • Parking will be $10…cash only.  Arrive early to avoid the long parking lines–these events are very popular and there will be many cars waiting to get in.
  • Have your photo ID on you.  You’ll need it to check-in or register on site.  Tickets range from $20 on up, $45 for the VIP package.  There are no refunds, even for inclement weather, but you can transfer your registration to another runner before the race.
  • Hit up the Glow Store!  They sell all kinds of glow in the dark goodies, hats and tshirts, so be sure and bring more cash or your credit cards when you visit!  You can pre-order merchandise when you buy tickets online (bring your ID for pickup at the Glow Store on site, separate line), but it’s different than going to the “Store” on the website (those are mailed to you).
  • Go to Early Packet Pickup if you can!  You save $5 per person by doing this, plus a LOT of time on Race Day.  Friday, October 9th, between noon and 8pm, head over to the Sports Authority at 1625 E. Camelback Road, Phoenix, AZ 85016.  A designated representative can pick up packets for a whole group or team, so long as they have a copy of everyone’s photo ID (pictures on smart phones work) and everyone has signed the waiver online.  You’ll get a great discount coupon to buy yourself some new running gear, too!
  • Visit the FAQ page for more information!


Register HERE for Foam Glow Phoenix on October 10, 2015!

Teens age 16 and up can volunteer with their families or on their own, serving as course marshals, at the water station, in registration or the Glow Store.  Sign up here to volunteer!

Take lots of pictures, and post them to the North Phoenix Moms Blog Instagram page with the hashtags #nphxmoms and #foamglowphoenix… can’t wait to see your glowing faces!

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Lori is an Arizona native, a wife, mother of five, and most recently…a grandmother! She and her husband love traveling through wine country in Arizona and California, and one day hope to open a their own winery. Currently employed as the statewide fundraising manager for MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving), Lori and her family enjoy volunteering together, and she hopes to highlight many opportunities for North Phoenix Moms and their families to do the same.


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