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Here at West Valley Moms Blog, we are launching a new column that you can look forward to each week. “News Bites for Busy Moms” will include a few short stories that you may have missed during the week. These story recaps won’t be long. In fact, as the title says, they are news “bites”… something quick to read while you are grabbing a few bites of breakfast or lunch, waiting to pick-up your kiddos at school or having a coffee all by yourself (ahhhh). Now, if something catches your eye and you want to know more, just click on the title and you’ll get the full story.

So here’s your first installment. Let me know what you think.

The Keurig & Campbell’s Soup

So right now you use that wonderful machine on your counter for your morning coffee or a late afternoon latte. Well, soon you’ll be able to make your kiddos lunch with it. Keurig and Campbell’s are teaming up to bring you K-cup soup packs.

Hyperactivity Caused By Inner Ear Defects

No one knows what causes ADHD. This condition is still a mystery despite all of the research that’s out there. Now there’s more. A new study out today says researchers have linked inner ear problems and hyperactivity. This story reads like a study but it is interesting.

Apple Releasing New iPhone Software Soon

So I just got a new iPhone 5 and from what I understand, I’ll soon have to relearn how to use it. Apple is coming out with its new iOS7 software soon. According to Apple, your screen is going to look completely different plus there are going to be some new features. I love new technology, but I don’t always like learning how to use it. That’s where my tech-savvy husband come in.

New iPhone Announcement Tomorrow 

Apple is also making a big announcement tomorrow about its latest iPhone model. It won’t come out until the new software does and that’s fine with me. However, my husband (see above) is chomping at the bit.

Samsung Galaxy Hits Stores Next Month

And for those of you who are not iPhone users, to be fair, Samsung is releasing its new phone next month.





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  1. This is great!!! Not only love the bites but the fact that I can click on full story is a wonderful option!!! Thanks for helping me stay “linked” in with the news 😉


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