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A new Apple announcement headlines this week’s NBBM… Online breast milk buyers beware…Are Oreos your drug of choice?… And one mom who takes Halloween DIY costumes to a whole other level.

New Apple iPad Coming Soon

If you were going to buy a tablet soon, you’re in luck. Apple is expected to announce its latest upgrade to its iPad line tomorrow. The announcement is scheduled for 10am Arizona time. The tablet market is getting crowded. Last Friday, Amazon came out with its Kindle Fire 7” HDX. At just $229, it’s a bargain compared to Apple’s expected price tag.

Breast Milk Warning 

When a friend told me about this story, I didn’t even realize there was a market, but apparently moms are buying and selling breast milk online. These aren’t official milk banks, just a place to connect with other moms. The market is unregulated and researchers found some big problems. They tested 100 samples and found high levels of harmful bacteria in three out of every four samples. They attributed the contamination to poor hygiene. The FDA says… and I think common sense says… it’s better to give your child breast milk from someone you know.

Oreo Cookie Addiction Proven

As if you needed a scientific study to tell you this… researchers found Oreo cookies are as addictive to humans as cocaine. In the study, lab rats chose the cookies over rice cakes (who wouldn’t?) And researchers say, just like humans, the rats went for the middle first.

Halloween Costume Crisis Averted

Every year, my sister buys my son his costume for Halloween… or should I say costumes. She doesn’t have kids, so when he says he wants to be a nana (horse) AND zookeeper for Halloween, GoGo (what my son calls my sister) thinks nothing of it, clicks on Amazon and orders the costumes. Soon, two packages are on my doorstep with plenty of time to spare before Halloween. I am very thankful for my sister’s generosity. With just two years of Halloween under my belt, I feel some pressure to have a “cute” or “creative” costume. I’m definitely not a DIY type of mom, so I rely on pre-made costumes. Not this mom. Steph Peterson of Salt Lake City turned her family into the characters from “Labyrinth.” Steph is a professional seamstress and costume designer. You can see more of her creations in her Etsy shop Deconstructress.

So what kind of costume are your kids wearing this year? Store bought or homemade?


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