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In this week’s NBBM, a week of weather you will absolutely love… Arizona’s biggest national park reopens on the state’s dime… a new study shows a link between bedtime and your child’s behavior… and why you need to check your fridge and freezer for Foster Farms chicken.




Perfect Weather Ahead

Get ready for an entire week of beautiful 80-degree temperatures! The Valley is running about 5-degrees cooler than the average because of a tropical storm. I’m not complaining! This is why we live in Arizona, right?!

Grand Canyon Reopens

The beautiful weather this time of year is what brings tourists to our part of the country. Many of them want to see the Grand Canyon, but it’s been closed because of the shutdown. Over the weekend though, the state promised to foot the $651,000 bill and the park reopened. That money covers just 7 days, so we’ll see what happens later this week.

The Link Between Bedtime & Behavior

If you don’t have a consistent bedtime yet, this may motivate you. Researchers say kids who go to bed the same time every night are better behaved at home and in school. This makes perfect sense to me. Most of us moms have seen the consequences of late nights and they aren’t pleasant at all.

Foster Farms Recall Hits My Home

Over the weekend, I saw a friend’s Facebook post about some Foster Farms chicken. She said got a call from Fry’s because it was part of a salmonella recall. It made me think of the five packages (we ate one) in my freezer thanks to a Buy One Get Two Free sale. I pulled them out and… yes… they were part of the recall too. I took the chicken back to Fry’s and got my money back. As for the package that we ate, we didn’t get sick. If you cook chicken properly, it kills the salmonella bacteria. Still, I wouldn’t risk it. If you have Foster Farms chicken with the numbers P6137, P6137A or P7632 on the package… take it

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