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In this installment of NBBM, a Disney Classic returns better than ever… Moms, new research you may be the answer to your child’s veggie problem… If there was a bummer at the end of an Arizona summer, this would be it… And finally, please welcome back three months of non-stop holidays.





 “The Little Mermaid” Turns 25

This past week, Disney re-released one of my favorite animated movies of all time “The Little Mermaid.” I don’t know what it was about this movie, but I loved it, and not to be too forthcoming about my age… I was not a child and I still loved it. Maybe it was the advances in animation or the music, but this story of a girl who would do anything to be with the guy she loved, stuck with me. One of my friends who I used to work with at CBS Atlanta, Rebekka Schramm, had the opportunity to interview Jodi Benson, the voice of “Ariel.” She even got to sing with her.

New Kids & Veggie Study

I’ve spoken to a lot of moms who say they have a tough time getting their kids to eat vegetables. Fortunately, I’ve never had that problem. It’s not because I tricked my son into eating them, or hid them in his food. He just really likes veggies and he always has liked them. But before you think I’m getting on my high horse, he also likes candy, ice cream and the occasional soda. So, I think he’s pretty average. The key though according to this new research is that you need to start early, offer a variety of veggies and don’t give up even if they reject them at first. The study also says “the children’s liking of a vegetable was related to how often their mothers it.”  If that’s true, moms, eat your brussel sprouts. I do and it may be the only reason my son does.

End of Summer Bummer

Okay so I’ve lived in Arizona for 8 years now and have never… repeat NEVER seen a live scorpion. Well I’m sorry to say that spotless record is over. I recently saw two scorpions in less than 20 minutes at a friend’s house. These creepy crawlies freaked me out! I killed the first one when I saw it outside, but froze when I saw the second inside the house, knowing that a few minutes before my son was playing near it. My friend, who is deathly scared of scorpions too, killed it… with my shoe. Anyway, apparently when the temperatures drop at the end of summer, you are more likely to find bark scorpions, the most venomous, in your home. So be on the lookout! One fact I did appreciate in this article was that there have only been 2 recorded deaths from scorpion stings in the last 50 years.

The Holidays Are Here!

I know December is a little ways off, but it seems to me as soon as the temperatures drop here in Arizona, we get hungry for the holidays. We grab our iced PSL (I just can’t go hot quite yet) and browse the rows and rows of holiday sections at the local craft stores. On the weekends, we hit every pumpkin patch from Queen Creek to Flagstaff. There’s just something about fall in Arizona that puts you in the holiday spirit and outings with your kiddos make it even more fun. With that in mind, you need to hit the Arizona Science Center. “Weird Science Halloween” runs the whole month of October. Your kids will learn the science behind Harry Potter’s magic, why sweets are sweet and there’s even a Bat Bonanza for toddlers… if you dare.

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