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Back to School

Happy Monday! Today my little guy goes back to preschool. He went for the first time last year when he turned 3 years old. He’s going this year at 4 years old… and dare I say, he may even go next year when he’s 5 years old. His June birthday is a wild card and I’m researching the whole “holding him back” option, so we’ll see. Whatever happens, I’m sold on preschool mainly because of an episode of NPR’s Planet Money on “Why Preschool Can Save the World.” It came out in 2012 when Miles was just 2 years old and preschool was on the horizon. I was in my craft room while he was napping and listened to it and it just made sense to me. Early childhood education, whether it is preschool, homeschool or just spending intentional learning time with your little one is vital to their future. If you get a chance to listen to the episode in your free time (Ha!) let me know what you think!

The Lunch Dilemma

This year at preschool Miles gets to take his lunch! Yikes! I’m so excited about it because he’ll get to learn how to eat by himself within a time frame and without me stuffing the last 10 bites into his face. On the flip side, I certainly feel the pressure. You see all of these creative lunches on Pinterest and Facebook. I know that’s not me… everyday. But one day a week… yeah… I can do that.

Mellow Since 1974

If you haven’t tried Mellow Mushroom yet, now is the time. My first trip to Mellow was one of the originals when we lived in Atlanta. It had this great bar vibe in the Emory area. Obviously this was pre-Miles. My husband and I loved to go there after work. We’d meet up, have a beer and pizza and chat about our days. Ahhh… just the two of us. Those were the days. The Mellow Mushroom at Norterra does have a bar, but we’ve never sat at it. Instead, we nosh with the rest of the families in the restaurant. And I love it more that I can share it with Miles. Seriously, the crust is amazing! So, why should you go this week? On Wednesday August 20th, Mellow Mushroom’s across the country are rolling back some of their prices to 1974 when they first opened. You can get a small cheese pizza for $2.50, a beer (certain beers that will definitely take you back… PBR) for 75 cents and a Coke for 30 cents. I know many of us North Phoenix Moms Blog contributors will be stopping by so if you see one of us, please come up and say hello!


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The last few years have brought big changes for Emily. After spending years in high-stress, deadline-driven TV jobs in East Coast metros, family circumstances brought her and her husband Joel to the Arizona desert. Now this former news junkie is a stay-at-home mom to Miles, a fast-talking toddler with energy to spare. She spends her days teaching him about faith, letters, numbers and manners. Whenever he’s asleep she boots up the laptop to write for North Phoenix Moms Blog and other freelance gigs. Whatever spare time she has left is spent on a hike with her family or a rare date night with Joel, at the gym, coffee and dinner with friends, or in her craft room creating simple, beautiful jewelry for her online boutique, Hazel & May, and giving too many treats to her pups, Pepper and Gizmo.


  1. Good luck with the new school year! I am not all that creative either.. but bento boxes and Lunch Punches for sandwiches make it easier. Also we love Mellow Mushroom! We tried to go Friday but couldn’t get in 🙁


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