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Welcome to Monday everyone! This week here at North Phoenix Moms Blog, we are going to help you get ready for school in style! Every day, we’ll be bringing you a special “Back to School” post. We’re covering everything from creative lunch ideas and new fashion trends to teacher gifts and how you can get involved with local school supply drives. We’re so excited so be sure to check us out everyday!

Save Up for School Supplies

Speaking of school supplies, it’s crazy how much we spend at the beginning of the year. My little guy is only in preschool, but his school has a long list that’ll probably put me back at least $50. I know that number will just get bigger and bigger as he does. According to a new survey, families will spend on average, about $670 on school supplies, clothes and electronics per student.

Fruit Recall Update

By now, I’m sure you’ve heard of the peach and nectarine recall. Last week, a packing company recalled peaches and nectarines with the label “Sweet 2 Eat” because of possible listeria contamination. Listeria can make you very sick and it could be deadly for children and the elderly. Also on the recall list, some “ready-to-eat” foods from Whole Foods. They include things like cakes, tarts and salsas. For a complete list, click here.
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Germ-Free Greeting

Here’s another way to keep your family healthy. Teach your kids to fist bump instead of shake someone’s hand. Scientists actually studied this and found that shaking hands transmits 10 times more bacteria than fist bumping. And don’t forget, as my cool 4-year-old tells me… “Blow it up, Mommy.”

Wild Phoenix Weather

I can’t go without mentioning the weather. It’s what everyone’s talking about right now, especially after the storm that hit Saturday night. I definitely couldn’t sleep and had my eye on the radar watching and waiting for the big green blob to pass. It felt like my house was right in the thick of it. In fact, the 60mph winds knocked over my neighbor’s tree, tearing it up from the roots.


Phoenix was definitely due for that big storm after several days of hot, hot temperatures including a new record high for Phoenix. On Thursday July 24th, the high hit 116 degrees, breaking the record set in 2006 of 114 degrees! We’ll be in the hundreds again this week… and the next… and the next…

So try and keep cool! Have a wonderful Monday!




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