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Good Monday morning! I hope you had a wonderful long holiday weekend with your families. I know I did. The weather was awesome! In fact, it was so nice on Saturday morning that I went hiking with my sister who’s in town visiting. I haven’t been hiking since the heat hit in early May and it felt great!

First Dust Storm of Monsoon Hits Phoenix

That July 4th hike was doable in part to the first haboob of the season that hit Phoenix the night before. Not only did it bring down the hot temps, it also caused big delays at the airport. Believe me, I was there and couldn’t even find a space in the cell phone lot. Hundreds of cars were waiting for flights to come in. About an hour before that, the dust storm interrupted our North Phoenix Moms Blog contributors’ meeting at Norterra and chased us inside Elevate coffee. You’ll be glad to know, we all made it inside before the storm hit, but unfortunately some of us didn’t get to see fireworks that night.


 (Richard Payne via

Chicken Recall Underway

Check your fridges and freezers. There’s a new chicken recall to tell you about. Salmonella has been traced back to some chicken processed by Foster Farms and may have been sold here in Arizona. The investigation is still underway to figure out just how much chicken is contaminated but the packages in question have “Use by” or “Freeze by” dates of March 21st to March 29th. The USDA has put together a full list of products. You can check them out here.

Child Immigration Crisis

Once again, Arizona is at the forefront of the immigration debate. Thousands of children are crossing the U.S.-Mexican border without their parents. I first read about this story in the New York Times a few weeks ago when the problem was uncovered in Texas. I wondered whether it was happening here in Arizona. Not long after that, several stories came out about an emergency shelter in Nogales that’s helping to house about a thousand of these kids, some as young as four years old. One of my former TV news colleagues, Lorraine Rivera, is reporting on the issue for the PBS broadcast, “Arizona Week.” The pictures are heartbreaking. The kids are separated by age and gender by fences in a large warehouse. Right now, officials are trying to reunite the children with family whether it’s here in the U.S. or back home in their native country. You can follow the story on the “Arizona Week” website. You can watch my friend Lorraine and “Arizona Week” on Fridays here in Phoenix at 7:30pm on KAET. The program covers a wide range of topics that from across the state.


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