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Welcome to the very first News Bites for Busy Moms North Phoenix Moms Blog edition! We hope you love our new look as much as we do! I’m looking forward to bringing you interesting, helpful and thought-provoking stories that you may have missed while making dinner, cleaning your house, working 9 to 5 or just napping. (Yeah we all know that’s not happening!)

Now to the news…

The Ultimate Free Starbucks Drink

Like a lot of people, I have a Gold Starbucks card and I look forward to that free drink it gets me every other month or so. I will splurge on that drink too. Instead of a grande, I’ll get a trenta! I know… I’m crazy! Last week, one Dallas customer went all out for his freebie. He ordered a Sexagintuple Vanilla Bean Mocha Frappucino. He brought his own cup and the 128 ounce beverage had 55 shots of espresso in it! He said it took him a couple of days to drink it. I wonder if he slept at all during that time.

“Healthy” Phoenix

When it comes to health and fitness, Phoenix is doing okay. There’s still room for improvement but according to the annual report put out by The American College of Sports Medicine, Phoenix ranks 36th among the 50th healthiest cities in the U.S. Researchers took into account everything from disease and death rates to bike lanes and golf courses. The top ranked city is Washington, D.C. followed by Minneapolis and Portland.

Tragedy and Tough Questions

So I didn’t know whether to start with this story or end with it. It’s just so sad and brings tears to my eyes when I think about it. This past week, a 3-year-old boy shot his 18-month-old brother with a gun he found in a neighbor’s house in Payson. First off, I don’t want to debate the details of just what happened and why. Those subjects are for other blogs and the debate can get nasty quickly, so let’s all refrain from judgement… please.

Plain and simple, the little boy’s death is a tragedy… a tragedy for his brother, his mother and father, his extended family and that small community. In my years as a journalist, these types of stories weighed heavily on me when I went home at night, and back then, I didn’t even have my own little boy. Now as a mom, I think my biggest take away is to just have the courage to ask the tough questions of other parents who may host my child in their home. “Do you have guns in your house?” “If so, are they locked up and out of the reach of children?” These are simple questions but not always so simple to ask of our friends and neighbors. Let us be parents who put our children first and what others think about us last.


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The last few years have brought big changes for Emily. After spending years in high-stress, deadline-driven TV jobs in East Coast metros, family circumstances brought her and her husband Joel to the Arizona desert. Now this former news junkie is a stay-at-home mom to Miles, a fast-talking toddler with energy to spare. She spends her days teaching him about faith, letters, numbers and manners. Whenever he’s asleep she boots up the laptop to write for North Phoenix Moms Blog and other freelance gigs. Whatever spare time she has left is spent on a hike with her family or a rare date night with Joel, at the gym, coffee and dinner with friends, or in her craft room creating simple, beautiful jewelry for her online boutique, Hazel & May, and giving too many treats to her pups, Pepper and Gizmo.



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