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Happy Easter Week!

By now, I’m sure you’ve done your share of egg hunts or you have a few on the schedule for this coming week. My little guy went to an egg hunt on Sunday. The weather was perfect and he had so much fun picking up the eggs that were casually scattered about… no real “hunt” to speak of. It was fun watching him carefully choose his 18 eggs. In fact, when he showed one to daddy, he said, “I got this one off of the big bump” which was a lone hill in the field. It’s so funny how they remember that stuff.


Anyway, this got me to thinking… what’s the history behind the egg hunt? Well, to understand that, you have to know where the Easter Bunny comes from, which takes us to German mythology. It all started with Ostara, the goddess of springtime. From there, “Oschter Haws” was born. This egg-laying bunny left a nest of colored eggs for kids to find.

Nowadays, for all these egg hunts, parents are usually asked to bring a dozen “filled” eggs. (For those of us here in Arizona, no chocolate please.) Well, instead of filling my own, I bought some pre-filled eggs and they definitely cost me. Ten bucks for 50 eggs! It was well worth it though. Saved me a ton of time and that’s worth all the money in the world to me. Maybe not $5 million though. That’s what the world’s most expensive Easter egg costs. The Mirage Egg is covered in 1,000 diamond and was unveiled this past week. Imagine finding that on Easter morning!

And if you’re interested, you can read about a New York chocolatier who’s hoping to break the record for the “World’s Most Expensive Chocolate Egg Sold at Auction.” The record was set in 2012 with an egg worth $11,000.

Lunar Eclipse Tonight

You may want to let your older kids stay up tonight to watch the lunar eclipse. The moon will pass through the earth’s shadow tonight around midnight. Binoculars or a telescope will help you see it better, but you should be able to see it without them. Mars is also part of the show. The red planet is currently closer to the Earth than it has been in several years.



New TV-Sleep Study

A new study out today says if your kids are watching too much TV, they’re not sleeping very well. Experts found for every hour of television watching, the child gets 7 minutes less of sleep. That doesn’t seem like much, but as we moms know, every minute of sleep counts… for you and your little one.

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