Items Every New Mom Should Have for Her, Not for Baby


Alright first-time moms-to-be out there, I am here to break some news to you—the baby books leave out some critical pieces of information about what to expect of your body right after having a baby. We all talk about baby weight, eating healthy and getting your body back, but we rarely talk about the first week after having a baby. This first week is full of change, both in terms of adding a new person to your family and what your body is going through. Your body just made a miracle happen, and now it is working on healing—and trust me, this can be very uncomfortable.

new momBelow are a few items that would be good to have on-hand during your hospital stay, or waiting for you at home, to help the healing process and make things just a little easier. (Note: Items are listed in alphabetical order, not order of importance—though I would say chocolate should always take the top spot on any list.)

Chocolate. Grab your favorite indulgence and place it in the pantry. After all, you just had a baby and definitely deserve a little something special.

Dermoplast Pain Relieving Spray. (The Dermoplast bottle with the blue lid, not the red lid—that’s antibacterial.) Some hospitals provide this in your room, but just in case, throw a bottle of this in your hospital bag. It helps soothe the area down there and makes it all a little more bearable.

Fiber. Whether it is gummy fiber or liquid fiber, pick some up. The first, second and third bowl movement after birth borders on pure torture, so any additional fiber you can add to your diet is great!

Kleenex. Emotions run high after having a baby—one minute you are full of happy tears and the next your eyes are welling up with “Am I capable of taking care of a baby?” tears. Strategically place tissues around the house so they are always within reach.

Maxi Pads. Maxi pads in a range of sizes. Have these on hand so you don’t have to run to the store (or ask your significant other to) every other day. You enjoyed nine glorious months without a visit from “Lady Flow”—well she is now about to rear her ugly head for the next week or so.

Trail Mix. Have a protein packed snack by your side of the bed. Whether you are breastfeeding or not, having a quick (and quiet) snack on your nightstand will help curb that 2am hunger pain.

Underwear. This is not the time for the cute underwear—you need the kind that means business. Stuff your drawer with a few pairs of underwear that are one size larger than what you usually wear and can be disposed of.

Witch hazel pads. These are another way of providing a little comfort to the area down below. Trust us, anything that will provide soothing relief is going to be your friend.

If you know a mom-to-be, may we suggest turning this list into a gift box? This is one thoughtful gift that is guaranteed to be appreciated. If you are the mom-to-be, take just a little time to stock up on these items while you are running around and gathering all of that cute baby stuff.

To all of our mom friends, what would you add to this list?


  1. Hospital will give you most of these if you ask for them (abdominal binder, lanolin, nipple shield)- definitely essentials!!!


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