8 Things That I Would NEVER Do with My Kids


We all had that moment before we were parents – sitting in a restaurant or doctor’s office silently judging parents whose kids were having a tantrum or playing on an iPad. In our minds we envisioned our perfect children, all the things we would do together and all the things that would NEVER happen. Sitting on our childless pedestal only to be knocked off by a tiny little human. Quickly all those things we would “never do” became the norm and we’ve now become the doctor’s office entertainment.

never do with my kids

Recently, after a particularly difficult day, which included a Google search on how to get my toddler to poop, I thought back on all the things I told myself would NEVER happen when I became a parent.  And, in the spirit of transparency, I’m sharing my NEVER list with you. 

  1. Get poop or vomit on me … well, that hope lasted about a week. 
  2. Post endlessly about my kids on social media … this one didn’t hold up for one day.
  3. Let my toddler play with my phone … I held out as long as I could. But with an 18 month old and a newborn, mama needs a break sometimes. Thank you iPhone.
  4. Drink coffee… Guys I hated coffee before I had kids. Now I’m writing this post with a Starbucks in my hand. Enough said!
  5. Buy a Minivan- Okay, I don’t have a minivan… yet, but I’m not going to hold out hope forever.
  6. Give into my kids tantrums… yes, I negotiate with terrorists.
  7. Let my kids eat food that dropped on the floor… I mean, I mopped like a week ago. What is that saying? God made dirt and dirt don’t hurt… 
  8. Buy tons of toys for my kids… honestly I’ve done pretty well with this one. However, with four separate sets of grandparents our house is basically a Toys “R” Us. Do my kids play with all the toys in our house? Of course not. The only toy my son absolutely loves is his drum kit. Yes, full drum kit, including a symbol. Thanks Dad. 

Are there things you said you would never do before becoming a parent?  If so, please share!  I hope I’m not alone.  


  1. #6!!!! For real, my kiddos learned what a trade is from watching JustIn Time and the kid is a master negotiator at age 3 who often states, a trade has to be good for both people – meaning broccoli for tablet time is not equal in his mind.


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