National Siblings Day!


Most of us got ’em and a lot of us even like ’em! Your siblings are your first friends and possibly even your first bullies but at the end of the day there is always love in your heart for them. I mean c’mon how boring would holidays and family dinners have been without those extra personalities around!

We thought it would be fun to share some photos of us with our siblings in celebration!

Here is our co-founder Rachel and her identical twin sister Heather.

North Phoenix Moms Blog Rachel and HeatherHeather and I are identical twins and best friends. We have a total creepy twin thing going on that I thought I would share! Our husbands share the same birthday of August 12th which is kinda crazy. My daughter and Heather’s second daughter WERE ALSO born on August 12th…nuts right?! But there’s more…Heather’s first daughter was born on May 11th…which our birthday. So between our two families we have 7 family members born the same days. Talk about a close bond there!” -Rachel

Here is our other co-founder Stacey and her little brother James circa 1982.

North Phoenix Moms Blog Siblings-Stacey

Here is Jen with her brother Jason and sister Kelsey.North Phoenix Moms Blog Siblingss Jen“Me and my brother Jason are only two years apart and he is the best brother a girl could ask for. My sister Kelsey is nine years younger than I am. When she was born she was my little real life baby doll but during my teenage years our age difference was very prevalent. Now she’s one of my best friends and I couldn’t imagine life without her!” -Jen

Here is Diana with her older siblings Aaron and Rachael.North Phoenix Moms Blog Siblings- DianaHere is Kristi with her brother Kenneth.North Phoenix Mom Blog Siblings KristiHere is Jessie and her sister Holly.North Phoenix Moms Blog Sibling Jessie“My sister is Holly…..we are 6 years apart (I was the baby) and didn’t have much in common growing up, but now we are tight!!! Nothing like the sibling connection!!!” -Jessie

Here is Malia and her little sister Amber.North Phoenix Moms Blog Siblings Malia“People used to think we were twins all our lives growing up (even though we were a year apart!), It was probably the fact that our mom and grandma used to dress us alike just different colors in outfits!  I used to get so annoyed about folks thinking we were twins, but now that I’m older and only have these images to remember her I laugh and cherish how much we were SO alike!” -Malia

Here is Emily and her sisters Amy and Michael.

North Phoenix Moms Blog siblings Emily“Amy lives in Florida and Michael lives in Maryland. I tried to find a more recent picture that would redeem us, but unfortunately we haven’t been able to get together in a while.” -Emily

And here is a two for one! Elisa and Jenna on a family trip.

North Phoenix Moms Blog siblings- Jenna and ElisaAs you can see siblings are the best! Be sure to reach out to them and remind them of the good ole days and how much you love them!


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